China launched its third aircraft carrier, the first in the world to rival the aircraft carrier USA-

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Beijing has launched a new aircraft carrier, Fujian: the dimensions and technologies used put it in a class where, until now, there have only been ships of the US Navy

a New Chinese aircraft carrier The seas of Asia do not rest.

Friday morning set off at the port Shanghaiaircraft carrier type 003 baptized Fujian The first of its kind in ChinaEquipped with the latest technologies of armament and launch at the height of the Western Navy; Another sign of how Beijing is strengthening its navy – already the largest in the world – is trying A deep sea fleet, ie capable of operating globally And not just to defend Chinese ports.

The third aircraft carrier to be equipped by the Beijing Navy; The first was a modernized Soviet ship, and the second was built on a Chinese model, each of which had a launch pad. While Fujian has a catapult launch system, most likely an Emals type (the catapult uses a linear induction motor, not a steam piston) Like US Navy ships. The technologies used in the new aircraft carrier allow it to carry more weapons and launch a much larger range of aircraft.

The most important naval front in which China is active is the front South China Sea. Six governments conflict with strategic features, and a significant portion of world trade passes there each year. But in recent years The Chinese Navy’s presence extended to the Indian Ocean, the eastern Pacific and beyond, as far as the Horn of Africa.

The new aircraft carrier, now launched, will need to be perfected: the process will take from two to six months. The first aircraft could be launched – and the Beijing Air Force may still not have any that fully realize the potential of Fujian – by the end of 2023.

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