CNDCEC has requested a postponement of the June 30 deadline

Extension of the tax until July 20, 2022, with the possibility of deferring until August 20 with an increase of 0.40 per cent. The head of the National Council of Accountants, in the letter sent to the Treasury and Revenue Agency, requested a delay to the June 30 deadline.

Tax extension to me 20 July 2022: to ask is National Council of Certified Public Accountants and Accounting Expertsin the letter sent June 17 to the Revenue Agency and the Ministry of Finance.

In view of the designation with taxes emanating from the tax return, specified in June 30, 2022The CNDCEC Requests an intervention designed to allow taxpayers and the accountants who help them to comply “Without concern and with due professional care”.

Details come from the press release published by the National Council on June 17.

At the request of Tax deadline extension Not only are the many actions scheduled for June, but there are also the long times that marked the start of the advertising season.

First of all corrective to he iswhich was approved on April 29 and incorporated into the revenue agency’s program only on May 4, the date when studies were able to get their pre-calculated supply of accounts.

Extension request which is also related to delays in making Prefilled adAvailable only from May 23.

Tax extension until July 20, 2022: CNDCEC has requested a postponement of the June 30 deadline

The simplification decree rewritten Financial deadline calendar From June, ease the burden of commitments due on June 30 by extending the declaration of the IMU and the tourism tax and lay the groundwork for a postponement of the self-declaration of state aid for Covid.

No delays about Income tax. On June 30, it will be necessary to pay the balance and first deposit of IRPEF, IRES, IRAP and alternative taxes.

In this term, he is the new head of CNDCEC Elbano de Nuccio has formally requested an extension, with a letter sent to the MEF and the revenue agency on June 17.

The demand is to get rid of Income Tax ExtensionIRAP and VAT in Deadline: June 30, July 20with the possibility of repayment by August 20, 2022 by increasing the amounts owed on 0.40 percent by paying interest.

A deferment is required to allow deadlines to be optimally managed, taking into account both the extensive schedule of commitments and the operational difficulties related to tax return preparation and IRAP.

From Corrective ISA to 730 Prefilled Late, Reasons for Requesting Tax Extension for 2022

Operational obstacles that characterize the advertising season are the reasons behind the request of the head of the National Council of Accountants.

Also this year, to complex processing tax revenue And IRAP, for purposes of calculating the balance and first advance on the 2022 taxes, there is first and foremost Changes to ISAs related to the 2021 tax period.

In fact, the press release published by the accountants highlights that the changes made to the synthetic indicators of financial reliability envisaged to take into account the extraordinary effects of the economic and market crisis were approved only on April 29, and the relevant MEF decree was published in the Official Gazette only on 13 mayo.

The revenue agency did not wait for publication in the magazine, but nonetheless It’s only starting May 4 That professional companies were able to request the provision of data ISA 2022 pre-calculatedindispensable to Calculation of taxes due.

Embarrassment is also on the front Prefilled ad. Model 730 returned and income Available only from May 23instead of the base date of April 30, and the changes phase and transmission to the revenue agency only began from May 31.

The delay also had repercussions for the work of the software role, which, the accountants explained, had to delay the release of applications needed for the tax return.

Latest events and Latest Operational Supplies Besides a period of great complexity, considering that even in the first months of 2022 work Accountants Support To businesses and families affected by the Covid crisis.

A series of reasons is now awaiting a response from the MEF. So we are still waiting for potential developments.

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