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After clarifying the industrial scheme for the next few years, We have to prepare for a different Ferrari. Not necessarily worse, of course, just because the word “electric” is in it. Regardless of the results in Formula 1, the brand is strong, and seems ready to face the future that will take it to new shores, and in contact with new people. It is often believed that Enzo Ferrari He was able to showcase Ferrari in the future, albeit with his convictions and love for the technology of the past. In fact, he was proverbial of not trusting the new, only to make it his own and make it better than others do. This is what Montezemolo, the engineer of the production boom in Maranello, continued to do, and his successors continued on this path. Now there is Benedetto Vigna, The chip guy who would drive a Ferrari to be electric and always “dream”so as not to affect the myth.

Why would Ferrari be different? First of all, the operations are called limiting: Fashion and lifestyle should become a bigger business. We will see the brand along with initiatives that would have been unimaginable in the past. Then there will be the technology, with the increased presence of electricity. and then Countercurrent options: While many manufacturers are moving towards self-driving, Ferrari refuses to do so in principle. We’ll see what Ferraris look like SUV carsEven if they’re not Jeeps or Land Rovers. Piero Ferrari said:I can’t wait to have my new Purosangue in my hand. I have tried it and I know it will become my Ferrari in the next few yearsIf he says that, who has the genes of Enzo Ferrari in his blood, you understand one thing: that everyone in Maranello in the direction of Vigna is rowing. Then of course it will be the customers who will say whether this is the right way, with SUVs to be offered in September.

Ferrari will change again thanks to the data. The following options will be the result of a certain calculation, about which goals should preserve the brand in the “dream” section. Ferrari customers today buy 80% of cars with heat engines and 20% of cars with hybrid engines. In 2030, the number of thermal clients will decrease to 20%, while the number of hybrid clients will increase to 40%. In the same proportion there will be those who buy an all-electric Ferrari. The “older” generations will love the Ferraris of the past; The new one will take over the electricity. Enrico Galliera, Ferrari’s commercial director, spoke of an average rejuvenation of 8 years, which is quite a lot. The new rich will have new technologies to lose their minds about.

There will also be a new Ferrari in terms of chassis, with electronic buildingWhich laid its foundations on the borders of history. In this two-storey building, there will be a large part of the investment in electricity, in order to give the European markets what the regulations allow.

Perhaps the most interesting figure in the business plan is the increase in dividends from 30% to 35% of adjusted net profit. A subtle nod from majority shareholder, Exor of the Agnelli family, who sees the Prancing Horse as an increasingly unified luxury brand.”, we read in the press. Attention, we will hear it more and more often: The luxury Ferrari brand, not from the automotive sector. Even if with cars kamba. In fact, Ferrari’s plan foresees fifteen new launches in 2023-2026. It is no secret that hydrogen cars may arrive in the future. Once again, Ferrari will be different.

We believe we can use the electric motor to improve the performance of our cars. Ferrari has all the skills and capital to make this transition. We will use the highest energy density electric motor from our racing world. We will apply the most advanced aerodynamics to reduce drag. We will focus on using sustainable materials as part of our path towards net zero by 2030Happy Vigna. Even with electricity, the rumble would remain. Different from the past, again.

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