Dybala bonus issues, Skriniar relaunch expected

Goya will be the Nerazzurri, but Anton and Marotta have not yet finalized the deal. PSG stops at 50 plus Slovakian bonuses

Dybala bonus issues
Paulo Dybala’s future appears to be colored by the Nerazzurri but the understanding between Goya and Inter is yet to be found in every detail. According to Gazzetta dello Sport, in fact, two fronts are still being worked out with Agent Antun: bonuses linked to player performance and also the signing award. But the newspaper specifies: Nothing indicates otherwise, now the Nerazzurri focus on Lukaku but later, probably towards the end of the month, it will be the Argentine’s turn.

New meeting with Chelsea in Lukaku
From the beginning of the negotiations on Romelu Lukaku’s return to Inter, it was clear that in order to take advantage of the growth decree and thus to help balance the economic deal, we would work to close by June 30. There are less than two weeks left before the deadline (even if the parties are not afraid of a bump in July, they will dance 3-5 million) and it is no coincidence that the second round between the Nerazzurri and Chelsea will take place in the next few hours to get to the heart. Inter’s first bid, which the British considered too low, was 5 million plus bonuses, and now it’s up to the Blues to determine an exact number: Marotta and Ausilio are anticipating a demand of 15 million, and it makes sense to think we can be halfway there, possibly with the help of bonuses. There will be lawyer Sebastian Ledore, who was chosen by Lukaku as a reliable figure to deal with both parties and fulfill his dream of returning to Milan.

Between Milan Skriniar and Paris Saint-Germain a salary agreement was reached between 7 million euros annually for 4-5 seasons. The agreement between the two companies is still missing: the French put 50 million plus bonuses on the board and offered some players to be included in the deal (Kehrer and Draxler), but Inter have made it clear that they don’t want any counterparts in return and expect an increase of up to 60-65 million.

Count Trade Lautaro
At Inter, there is new interest from Tottenham for Lautaro Martinez. At the moment, the Nerazzurri do not appear to be at all ready to sell the striker, but according to TMW reports, in the face of an important and tangible offer from Tottenham, the situation could change quickly. Especially if positive news arrives in the meantime on the Dybala and Lukaku front. Moreover, there is a stray talk on hand, as for Toro, there is talk of a possible connection already in the next few days between the Tottenham and Inter managers.

Sampoli wants Sanchez in Marseille
Jorge Sampaoli invites Alexis Sanchez to Marseille. TNT Sports Reports. The coach already had Nino Maravella when he was president of the Chilean national team.

What future for Edin Dzeko? Lukaku’s return and Dybala’s arrival sent the Bosnians, also for budgetary reasons, to bid farewell. At the moment, no concrete offers have been made – Juventus are currently just a playmaker – but Spanish newspaper Marca write that Dzeko will be Benzema’s ideal deputy for Real and that the European champions are monitoring his situation. According to his fellow Spaniards, Edin’s card is no more than 4 million, in fact Inter can give the green light with a pleasant agreement, reaching a consensual termination of the contract and thus savings on participation.

There is an agreement for Asalani: 14 million in Empoli and Satriano
The principle of agreement was found to transfer Christian Aslani: Empoli will go to 14 million euros: the formula will be the equivalent of a cumbersome loan of 4 million, 10 redemption commitment and two potential rewards. Instead, he should go on loan to Tuscany Satriano – As Alfredo Pedolla reported – with the Tuscan club, which combined the player’s first opportunity to move on loan with the right to redeem.

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