Ferrari, Vigna: “We will continue to fight with passion and humility” – Formula 1 Team – Formula 1

“The goal of 2022 was to be competitive again, and the world title another level.” Ferrari Team Manager Mattia Binotto He was very candid in an interview BBC In not exaggerating the expectations of the Maranello team. Ferrari returned from two unsuccessful seasons and opened 2022 with a double in Bahrain, and also established himself in Australia with Charles Leclerc.

The rocket start gave a lot of enthusiasm, but Red Bull’s response was timely, and so did Ferrari in terms of the positive updates it brought to Barcelona. The reliability issues It is slowing down the roadmap for Charles Leclerc, who has declared himself world champion at the end of 2022. Whatever the outcome in Abu Dhabi, what matters is Ferrari’s return to playing a leading role in Formula 1. That’s what Maranello CEO confirmed Benedetto Vigna On the occasion of his speech on Capital Markets Day, he also had the opportunity to present his first signature industrial scheme.

Our Formula 1 team – Vigna’s words – He’s back on top of the starting grid and on top of the podium, thanks to our talented drivers and F1-75, who has already shown her winning skills. It is really a relief to the whole team to see that the hard work is paying off. We will continue to fight in every race, always with passion, ambition and humility that comes from a constant desire to learn.“.

So no blame on Vigna, on the contrary, the technical knockouts of the last races are part of the necessary growth path that must be crossed when it is decided to franchise performance in the design and development phase. Words that would surely have delighted Mattia Binotto and all his men who would go to seek salvation in Canada from tomorrow on a delicate weekend that could see Charles Leclerc forced back into racing after Possible penalty being served on the starting grid due to the introduction of the fourth turbo of the season.

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