Friends, a serious accident for one of the fans’ most beloved characters: what happened

My friends, a serious accident for one of the audience’s most beloved characters: what happened. After fear comes testimony

The two-month program has ended and everyone is waiting to see who will be the cast in the next release and above all who will be the judges and coaches. Currently Many Amici heroes They are back to dedicate themselves to their work. And this is one night Dramatic news The calm of the fans was disturbed.

Friends (Instagram)

The protagonists, in spite of themselves, were Colorswho were traveling for a concert program tonight. Let’s say right away that the latest news is reassuring, but there in the beginning Was very worried And the photos suggest that they, too, took a big risk.

Stash, Daniele, and Alex were scheduled to participate in a stage of their summer tour at the Venafro Theater in Isernia. While traveling, they were involved in a Car accident Which disturbed their schedules and caused unexpected delays.

My friends, a serious accident for one of the protagonists: the arrival of direct testimony

The direct testimony came from Stash himself, who wanted to explain what had happened and predicted that he would be a little late. “We’re going to be a little late to the party tonight. We’re done truck accident which was inconsistent with the current. Fortunately, none of us were hurt. I’ll see you later”.

There is also a picture of their car, it has a broken window but nothing else can be seen. However, what matters is knowing that after great fear they were able to resume the road to Venafro to fulfill their obligations and get a big hug from their audience.

Band The Kolors (Instagram photo).
Colors Band (Instagram)

It will be a long summer for the Collor family, who, like many of their colleagues, want to make up for all the time they had to give to the pandemic by staying put for about two years. Now finally all concerts are open to the public without restrictions and without rules. Which is why everyone loves to get back to doing their job, waiting to understand if Stash will also be part of Team Amici next season.

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