“I don’t miss MotoGP, but I’m still a racer”

The man from Pesaro between the past and the future sends a message to the Marquez: “In 2015 if he had not behaved so badly …”

In the MotoGP Missing anymore Russian Amount of MotoGP is missing from Valentino. At least that’s the idea of ​​the nine-time world champion a few months after his official retirement from two-wheeled racing. “If I can still fight to win, I would still like to race. But since it’s not like that anymore, I don’t miss it. The only difference is that now racing is on four wheels. I’m still a driver,” he said. In L’Equipe in reference to his willingness to participate in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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It’s inevitable to talk about two of his great rivals on the track: Lorenzo And the Marquis. He joked, “Jorge Lorenzo? I left Yamaha because of him, I came back when he was still there. We loved each other, got angry, made up. We were a rather excited couple…”. On Spain’s Honda: “In 2015, had Marquez not behaved badly, I would have fought for the title until the last race with Lorenzo.”

Now the driver to win Fabio Quartaro: “He is able to use the power of his bike when braking and cornering. He has an incredible talent and confidence to exploit these qualities.”

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