“I lived a parallel and dark life, with a horror of discovery”

in life Alfonso Signorini There before and there after. The time differentiation corresponds to the moment he decided to do it Out And he reveals to the world who he really is, what he felt, what his aspirations were and what he dreamed of for his future.

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Alfonso Signorini before he came out: “I lived a parallel and dark life, with the horror of being discovered”

“If I think of myself as a child, I look at myself with such tenderness. A child in prison » wrote the host of Big Brother Phoebe in the editorial of “Che”, who this week dedicated the cover to the marriage between Alberto Matano and Ricardo Manino. Their union became an opportunity for the editor-in-chief of the weekly to reveal an unprecedented side of his life, still unknown to many.

“For years I lived a parallel life, hidden, dark. I felt out of place everywhere and lived in terror of being discovered, I felt footsteps all around me” writes Signorini, who was secretly combing his sister’s dolls, careful not to be surprised by his parents “The ear was always on the alert: as soon as I heard the footsteps of my mother and father approaching my room, I would come back to play with the toy cars and the cowboys and the Apache Indians.”

“For years, to feel less isolated and more integrated, I did what I never wanted to do – continues Alfonso Signorini -. I learned to swear, because the boys in my neighborhood as well, I took the girls to Camporella and bragged about it in front of my friends. But for me I dreamed of something else, I saw gentle companions under my eyes, those who had a crowd of girls behind them, and at once I closed my eyes when our eyes met, fearing that some of them might notice.”

Without going into the suffering he went through—”I kept it to myself”, “They helped me be who I am and in the end I thank them too”—Alfonso Signorini concludes an editorial beaming with his ability to bring a love like the link between Matano and Magino. “An achievement that makes us go with our heads held high. And which teaches us, if there is such a need, that love, true, is only one. This is what makes this life unique and extraordinary.”

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