Kolors, Fear on the set: The horrific incident with…

In these hours, fans of The Kolors are really worried. The band was launched a few years ago by Amici, in fact, they revealed they had an accident during a tour taking the three around Italy. But how is the group? Frontman Stash broke the silence!

the band Colors He made himself known to the public in 2015, when he won the 14th edition of Amici, The talent of Maria de Filippi. Since then, it has been the three Neapolitans, who founded the group in 2010, They were a huge hit, putting out songs that audiences still love to this day.

At the moment, striker Antonio Stash Fiordespino, Alex Fiordespino and Daniel Mona are participating in the a tour Which takes them across the country but, unfortunately, in these hours, something is a risk destroy their plans It actually looks like the three of us had incident While they were on the way to You reach the next station.

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Al Collor: Accident with a truck

In recent years, The Kolors has also been forced to discontinue due to pandemic But now that the situation has improved, the group is back on track and entertaining their fans Several concerts.

The commitments of the three artists abound but as I was headed towards Venafro, where last night he had a concert, the band had Car accident; It was to reveal stash.

We’re going to be a little late to the party tonight. We had an accident with The truck is going in the wrong direction.

At these hours, the group leader said, explaining that fortunately, Nobody gets hurt. The Neapolitan singer also posted pictures showing trucks on the truck, trucks that may be a model space saver Based on staff.

Fortunately, all three members of the group remained healthy And so yesterday they were able to entertain their fans with one Beautiful evening!

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