Le Piante Grasse, winning speech, prize money on Friday 17 June 2022

Interaction series 2022. Everything is ready for a date on Rai 1 with Reaction a Catena, the brain-training summer program that, for weeks, has been exciting thousands and thousands of viewers. In fact, the dispatch keeps the public company until the beeline is delivered to TG1 with the latest news.

To connect Marco Lornewhile the champions are two groups: surely there will be yesterday’s champions, the triplets, who will have to challenge another trio: will they be able to make it to the last series tonight and try their luck?

Triplets against succulents

Triplets Also last night, they asserted themselves as champions and today they will have to face it succulents; The rules, as we now know, are always the same: guess the words, be quick and in tune for a winning understanding. The goal remains one: to get the ultimate prize money home!

During the final between “fatty plants” Which “The triplets“The winners are”succulentsAnd then the heroes who controlled practically all episodes until this evening were expelled from the throne.

Reaction to Catena 2022: What prize money did they give themselves

As we said, the last step was occupied by a trio”succulentsThe trio made it to the end of this episode on Friday, June 17th with beauty 92,000 euros.

What is the winning word for tonight?

then here winning word I left the last match, The last series. But not before revealing which sequence was composed for this evening:

  • He is weak
  • Meat
  • irons
  • Jacket
  • Has risen
  • thorns
  • attacks
  • button
  • a key
  • stop
  • coffee
  • Right
  • the correct

Here are the last three words from tonight’s final series: “Right, the password, the third element.” succulents They decided to purchase the third item,”carrots‘So come to play for The final prize is 11,500 euros.

So the word chosen by the new trio of champions was: “SulaimanAnd the winning word tonight is…SulaimanSo the new champions get off to a great start and get the prize money.

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