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20.21 Gasly moves to seventh at 1,460 from Perez, then Albon, Ricciardo and Bottas. Red Bull and Ferrari return to the pit and close out the first round.

20.20 FP1 times update

1 Sergio Perez Red Bull Racing 1: 15660 1
2 Max Verstappen Red Bull Racing + 0.043 1
3 Carlos Sainz Ferrari + 0.740 1
4 Charles LECLERC Ferrari + 0.840 1
5 Fernando Alonso Albin + 0.963 1
6 Sebastian Vettel Aston Martin + 1.050 2
7 Daniel Ricardo McLaren +1585 1
8 Valtteri Bottas Alfa Romeo + 1.614 2
9 Lando Norris McLaren + 1.802 1
10 LARGE ASton Martin STROLL + 1,869 2
11 Alexander Albon Williams + 2.027 1
12 Pierre Gasly Alvatore + 2.220 1
Alfa Romeo + 2,544 1
14 Kevin MAGNUSSEN Haas F1 Team + 2567 1
15 Yuki Tsunoda Alfattori + 2.649 2
16 George Russell Mercedes + 2.681 2
17 Nicholas Latifi Williams + 2883 1
18 Lewis Hamilton Mercedes + 2.953 2
19 Team Mick Schumacher Haas F1 + 4.401 1
20 Esteban Ocon Alpine – – 3

20.19 Sainz scores his best parts and drops to 1:16.400 third at 740ppt. Alonso is now fifth at 963

20.18 Vettel moves into fourth at 1.050 from Perez, while Alonso is sixth at 1.575. The Spaniard re-launches and gets better again in T1.

20.17 Problems for Ocon who advances with the right front on fire. The French are back in the pits

20.16 Perez reached the top in 1: 15660 with 43 ppt in Vestappen and 840 in Leclerc. Fourth Sainz at 1.292

20.15 OFFICIAL: Leclerc’s new engine goes to 3rd, Ocon ditto, Magnussen 3rd, while Tsunoda goes to 4th.

20.14 Leclerc also improves in T2 and T3 and scores 1:16.500 at 701ppen of Verstappen

20.13 Perez improves and goes up to 370ppt, Sainz is fifth with 1599. Leclerc re-shoots and is excellent at 21269 in T1

20.12 Max Verstappen also continues to score in T2 and T3 and flies in 1:15.799 with 1.290 on Perez and 1.334 on Leclerc.

20.11 Leclerc also improves in T2 and T3 but remains in third place at 626 pps Verstappen re-launched himself and immediately became a clear T1 record at 21.244

20.10 Leclerc scored his best T1 result at 21.558, and Sainz scored at 21.416. Meanwhile, Vettel climbed to third at 1,340 .

20.09 Perez’s T1 record, placing himself second at 582 ppt of his teammate, Leclerc leading in very high times, 11th at 2.954

20.08 Verstappen responds with the record in T2 and closes in 1:16,507 with 1.395 in Bottas, Norris fourth

20.07 Bottas sets the record in T1 and T2 and scores 1:17.902 and climbs to the top with 89ppen over Verstappen, with Sainz third at 135.

20.06 Leclerc starts at 1:22.264, Sainz is second at 962 pts and then Ricciardo at 1.013

20.05 Verstappen immediately flies in 1:17.991 and hits 1.408 on Hamilton, also Leclerc

20.04 first half of FP1 makes this Ricciardo score 1:20.005 but Sainz immediately beats him by 297ppt

20.03 Everyone in the ring, let’s start with the first session!

20.02 Sunbreaks Now in Montreal We hope FP1 continues smoothly. 300,000 spectators expected for the weekend!

20.01 McLaren, Sainz, Alfa Romeo, Russell and Tsunoda on track!

20.00 Green Traffic Light!!!!!!!!! Take the FP1 from the Canadian Auto Rally!!!!!!!!

19.57 a few minutes and starts! Black clouds are coming but no rain yet, pilots will probably start strong right away to avoid the risks, given that given FP2, the risks of precipitation will increase…

19.54 We will see if any other team will be able to appear in Montreal, with Alpine, AlphaTauri, McLaren and gradually all the others who, for the time being, are still very far from the top.

19.51 As we’ve seen in recent matches, the duel seems to be confined to Ferrari and Red Bull, with Mercedes once again having to race in defense and try to win as many points as possible.

19.48 The Milton Keynes are coming off 5 straight wins (4 from Verstappen and one from Perez) and will try to assert themselves too in Montreal, a track that appears to be tailor-made on the RB18

19.45 On the other hand, Red Bull literally flies on the wings of enthusiasm, with the RB18 always knowing how to get the most out of Sundays, and also taking advantage of Ferrari’s technical and strategic mistakes.

19.42 The Prancing Horse team appears ready to use the fourth turbo of the season in the Monaco F1-75 and thus take it to serve ten positions on the starting grid on a track where, on paper, it is not impossible to overtake and also subject the safety cars to their characteristics. We will see in the next few hours if there is any news to that effect.

19.39 The Maranello team comes to Canada with huge doubts about reliability. Will Leclerc and Sainz have to change engines again after the Baku troubles? In the case of Monaco in particular, the risk of an immediate penalty kick is high

19.36 We’re back in action right a few days after the Baku race that could have written a page that might actually be crucial for the season. Will Ferrari be able to rise from Azerbaijani double retirement?

19.33 There is only less than 30 minutes from the start of FP1, at the moment the weather is calm and the temperature is around 24 degrees, but rain (yesterday hit the circle in abundance) is announced in light of FP2. Tomorrow there is still a risk of rain and autumn temperatures (16 degrees max) while racing on Sunday should see the sun and 24 degrees.

19.30 FIA Formula 1 Constructors’ Championship 2022 standings

1 Red Bull Racing RBPT 279
2 Ferrari 199
3 Mercedes 161
4 McLaren Mercedes 65
5 Alpine Renault 47
6 Alfa Romeo Ferrari 41
8 Haas Ferrari 15
9 Aston Martin Aramco Mercedes 15
10 Williams Mercedes 3

19.27 F1 Drivers World Ranking 2022

1 Max Verstappen NED RED BULL RACING RBPT 150
2 Sergio Perez Mix Red Bull Racing RBPT 129
3 Charles Leclerc Moon Ferrari 116
4 George Russell GBR Mercedes 99
5 Carlos Sainz ESP Ferrari 83
6 Lewis Hamilton GBR Mercedes 62
7 Lando Norris GBR MCLAREN Mercedes 50
8 Valtteri Bottas FIN ALFA ROMEO FERRARI 40
9 Esteban Ocon Alpine Renault 31
10 Pierre Gasly FRA ALPHATAURI RBPT 16
11 Fernando Alonso ESP Alpine Renault 16
12 Kevin Magnussen Dean Haas Ferrari 15
13 Daniel Ricciardo Os McLaren Mercedes 15
14 Sebastian Vettel Gear Aston Martin Aramco Mercedes 13
15 Yuki Tsunoda JPN ALPHATAURI RBPT 11
16 Alexander Albon tha Williams Mercedes 3
17 Lance Stroll CAN ASTON MARTIN Aramco Mercedes 2
19 Mick Schumacher Gear Haas Ferrari 0
20 Nico Hulkenberg Gear Aston Martin Aramco Mercedes 0

19.24 The day will start at 20.00 Italian (14.00 local time) for FP1, while FP2 will start at 23.00 and end on Friday on the island of Notre Dame

19.20 We are finally back at the track named Gilles Villeneuve, after two years of absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the tracks most loved by fans and drivers, is back in the arena again!

7.15pm Good evening and welcome to Montreal, the weekend of the Canadian Grand Prix will start in exactly 45 minutes, round nine of the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship.

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Good evening and welcome back Free live training for the Canadian Grand Prix, round 9 of the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship. On the Montreal track, teams and drivers will have to work hard to find the right setup, keeping in mind the meteorological variables that can greatly affect the development of the weekend.

Ferrari He comes to this appointment with many unknowns. The double retreat of Monaco Charles Leclerc and some spanish Carlos Sainz In Baku (Azerbaijan) he raised a lot of doubts about the reliability of F1-75 and it is no coincidence that the boy from the principality was forced to use the fourth turbo of the season and faces a penalty of 10 places on the grid. An event that could obviously complicate the situation in Leclerc greatly.

Ranking put, in fact, smiling at Red Bull. Milton Keynes leads the two rankings: the Dutch Max Verstappen With a score of 150 points, 21 more than the Mexican Sergio Perez And 34 more than Leclerc. For this reason, having to face the weekend handicap, given the strength of the opponents, is really difficult.

Brought to you by OA Sport Free live training for the Canadian Grand Prix, round 9 of the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship: Real-time news and constant updates. FP1 starts at 20.00 in Italy, while the second session is scheduled for 23.00 (Italian time). Good fun!

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