Omori launched as a surprise on Xbox Game Pass –

Aomori I was It kicked off all of a sudden on me Xbox Game Pass. Subscribers to the service will be happy. Buying it from a subscription costs $29.99. The game is available today for PC and Xbox and can also be played in the cloud. Today Omocat also launched other console versions with a dedicated trailer:

Omori is a cult title published by developer OMOCAT on Steam on December 25, 2020. As already mentioned, it appears to be a similar Japanese RPG with hand-drawn graphics, but it has a great narrative originality and series on its part. Especially emotional moments, which come like punches in the stomach.

For different ports, there should not be any big problems, since we are talking about a very simple game from a graphical point of view. It is definitely one of those eye-catching games. Omori has become a true cult game on the PC scene, with 98% of nearly 27,000 reviews on Steam being positive. It is one of the most popular titles on the platform, in terms of overall rating. Console users are sure to love it too.

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