Pogba starts again from Juventus after complicated years at United. Turin means home

It’s The Pogmentary Day, the Amazon documentary series released today on Prime Video that chronicles the life and career of Paul Pogba. There is no communication about the future but the choice already made with Pogback 2.0 is ready to materialize in the coming days. The Frenchman returns to Juventus, which he talked about in the series with another former Juventus player, such as Blaise Matuidi: “You are not a star just because you say so. You become a star because people make you a star. This is what I learned during my time with Juventus“. A star who needs to shine again after years in England has slowly been put down.

The complicated six years at United: Now Juventus meet again.
In the summer of 2016, after four years living in the shadow of a mole as he became everyone’s favorite player, Paul Pogba gave life to his first Pogback with his return to Manchester United after being left free again, in 2012. In the treasury of the Bianconer 105 million euros, In Pogba’s head is the idea of ​​realizing this dream by imposing himself in the ranks of the Red Devils, where they made him escape easily. Six years later, it is easy to agree, except for the very profitable economic component, for the 1993 . class The second English parentheses had more connotations of a nightmare than a dream. Between misunderstandings on the green rectangle, overt attacks from outside, injuries and the addition of only two cups (European League and League Cup) to the notice board. A completely different consideration was expectedas was also said in the Amazon Documentary series released today on Prime Video “The Pogmentary” in a conversation dating back to the summer of 2021 with Mino Raiola. “They want you to stay, but from their show it doesn’t look like thatPogba’s response:They cheat. How do you tell a player that you want them at all costs and give nothing? I’ve never seen such a thing before. I want to make it clear to them that they were wrong to wait and not offer me a contract“.

In 2021 ‘No to Juventus’, in 2022 everything changed: Pogba needs to feel at home.
Today I am at a crucial stage in my career. I have to make important decisions and I can’t go wrongSo, in the documentaries that tell about his life, Paul Pogba. The selection was made and again called Juventus, the place where he was welcomed, bred, venerated and where he felt loved on and off the field.. This had a huge impact on his decision. More words from Mino Raiola straight from the series:We have to make you feel as good as you feel about France. With them (United, editor) you are different, do you understand? You’re another pogba, that’s not normal. With France, you are the real Pogba, Pogba at Juventus, Pogba who loves everyone. With Manchester, nothing stops youPogba from Juventus, exactly what the 1993 season thought, chose to return again to Turin. Even if, in the summer of 2021, fate seemed to be something else According to Raiola:ninth. Juventus can’t afford it now. I’m also meeting with PSG and I’ve already had two meetings with Barcelona“. A year later, everything has changed: Juventus are back home.

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