PS5, a judge asked Sony to replace the digital version sold in Russia –

a Judge Russian regional ordered from Sony alternative The PS5 The digital edition is sold at Russia As currently unusable, games have been discontinued from the PlayStation Store in the country.

As we know, Sony banned PlayStation sales in Russia against the war in Ukraine last March, and apparently those who bought the console without a disc player found themselves Unable to use itOfficially, at least.

In conjunction with the cessation of sales, inevitably, the price From PlayStation 5 In Russia it has risen so much that at present the least expensive digital version is not found for less than 1300 dollars.

Sony was not the only company that implemented “sanctions” against Russia, which, as you know, invaded Ukraine on February 24 and set many cities on fire, as well as hitting civilian targets above all.

The developers of the game STALKER 2: Heart of Chornobyl know something about it, postponed until 2023 with video notes showing the current situation and working conditions of the Ukrainian team.

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