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Unfortunately, the actor had to say goodbye to Rai and the fans. This is what happened was very disturbing

There is important news for a very popular series of Rai 1. Fantasy will soon descend into United StateBut none of the famous faces will be on the show. The success of the same great actor from our country does not want to stop. In Italy, Gods fantasy record number of plays very important.

Specifically to achieve such great success, in the near future, the series will also be adapted to American version. L ‘Advertisingaccording to the website Bodonarecently directly from Beardant Pichony He is the former head of the emergency department in Codogno. We’re talking about the same guy who took the producers from inspiration – inspiration To create the original serial.

On the occasion of the book presentation Pierangelo Sapegno Doc in your handsSuch an important announcement has been made. In practice Sony She recently acquired the rights to feature photography so she can broadcast it in the US as well. A real success considering that, already 100 countriesworking to be able to buy rights.

A devastating farewell to Rai 1 and all of the actor’s fans

Farewell to Rai 1 is a devastating actor

the toiletSpeaking of this novelty, he gave his own Opinion About everything. It is a relief, of course, to come outside Produce Document – in your hands register Ratings and approvals.

“Doc is Ray’s golden egg hen. One evening, during a meeting, people from Mediaset and Netflix joked that they would buy the series from Rai at any cost. Season one was a huge success with more than 100 countries around the world buying the rights. The second is on the same path. Now Sony has also bought the rights to stream it in America.”.

discover this Important news The audience is wondering who the actors will be. And above all, who will replace Luca Argentero in turn a hero. Any doubt has been removed by Piccioni himself, who revealed some the details In addition to who will be the new face Andrea Fanti.

“They’re doing the acting, and one of the hypotheses is that Fanti is played by Matthew David McConaughey, and I make no secret that I wouldn’t mind. So, the name Matthew McConaughey is a minor premise at the moment, albeit the most eligible one. The project seems to be in its infancy, and therefore not well known. Anything else regarding filming, acting, setting, etc.”.

These are the words the toiletWho did not leak anything else to avoid spoilers. A great future for this series looms Document – in your hands.

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