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In both Udine and Madrid he was among the players who carried the ball for several metres. And on the Mou board he can play anywhere

there Rome specified in Rodrigo de Bol The potential hit of summer, what was last year lbrahim. After practically saying goodbye to Udine exactly one year ago, the Argentine appears to be ready to leave MadridHe lived through one of the worst seasons of his career. despite of He played 36 games on the score sheet in the Spanish LeagueOnly 24 of them are novice players, averaging minutes per game under an hour of playing. Completely different music if you think about the player who is a magician in the national team against Italy, who took control of Friuli from Friuli. league. there Rome Thinking about it, under strict advice mo Who saw in 28 years of Sarandë, Avellaneda, the perfect alternative to Mkhitaryan, Not only from a technical point of view, but also and above all for the development of the game. Both were used on a perfect tactical chessboard as a left winger but as the years went by and as football matured, they reduced their range of motion quite a bit: Today I feel good as a midfielder because in that position I often have the ball at my feet.”These were the words de Paul When he was still delighted Dacia Arena. Incredible awareness compared to the early years of his career: “I also like to play the attacking winger on the left which is my ‘me’ while the attacking midfielder is a bit more difficult”. Today he also plays in the medium.

Its main feature is undoubtedly ball management. In purely defensive teams like Udinese and Atletico Madridrelated in some ways to RomeAnd the de Paul He is the perfect midfielder to get the ball close to the penalty area. Last season in league, was the tenth in the special ranking of successful passes in the opponent’s area, and third if we look at the midfielders only, in a team like the Bianconeri that did not stand out at all in terms of offensive skills. In the season with Atlético He drove the ball 6585 metres, 3,500 of them were in the direction of the opponent’s goal. In the same statistic, Mkhitaryan proud 5851 while Ali Ahmed Ali Asiri 5627. This indicates the size de Paul who in Italy learned to abandon the smoky game of classic Argentine dribbling (the name he introduced himself back in 2016), to make way for “Garra” which also allowed him to win the starting jersey inAlbiceleste. In the 2019/20 season, his penultimate was in Italy alone Babu Gomez He took the ball and chains more meters than him (54.7 meters every 90 minutes, versus 58.1 meters from the previous Atalantino). In short, in a team that likes to defend itself at a very low level, and then start over with a counterattack, there is nothing better than Rodrigo de Bol. Mourinho He understood this and hoped for the economic effort on the part of society. Sure, he probably doesn’t have magic Dybala but the former Udinese The result will be 90, or rather 40 like the millions he hitsAtletico Madridwhich would warm the Giallorossi’s delight.

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