Russia is blackmailing the European Union with a gas weapon. Ordered half of the supplies to Eni, for France to stop flows due to cuts in Germany

After the mission of the leaders of the three major European countries to Kyiv, Gazprom continue to do the pressure The European Union is using energy supplies as a weapon. A commission spokesperson speaks openly about the “tool blackmailAfter Thursday Mario Draghi specified “liesThe explanations given by Moscow for the cut in supplies, that is, the technical problems associated with the sanctions. “We believe there are political use of gas, How is there a political use of wheat,” the prime minister said. Tensions rose on Friday: in the face of daily gas demand by where are you The Russian group announced on Friday that it will supply about 63 million cubic meters Only 50% of what is requiredAlbeit “with the actual quantities delivered almost unchanged compared to yesterday.” French system operator GRTgaz Then announced that as early as June 15 France no longer receives Russian gas Via a pipeline from Germany, because Berlin, in turn, is experiencing a sharp decline in flows. even Austrian oomph Cuts have been reported and Slovakia’s Spp will see its supply halve.

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak He said on TV Russian 24 Moscow is ready to supply Europe with the gas it needs to fill its stockpile “as long as there is no political obstaclesAccording to the consulting firm Wood Mackenziequoted BloombergIf supplies via Nord Stream 1 stop just as Gazprom Number One announced, the EU risks Out of stock in the middle of winter, at the height of demand. According to Novak, Europe needs 40-45 billion cubic meters of gas to bring storage to 80% and “this is an important volume given that there is not much time left”.

At the moment they are not there at the moment direct repercussions On consumers, but from Berlin Minister of Economy Robert Habeck He has already called on his compatriots to save energy and in Italy a plan rationing To be activated if needed. We have not yet reached this stage: the total quantities delivered to the peninsula through the various entry points to date exceed demand (155 million cubic meters) and the surplus is allocated partly to storage (23 million cubic meters) and partly to export, which is cheaper. But the first thing to understand is whether this decrease is paying off Stabilizes Or if it is just an episode,” the Minister of Environmental Transformation explained Roberto Cingolani In the Senate, having assumed “small revengeWritten by Putin for the Ukraine visit by Olaf Schultz, Draghi and Emmanuel Macron. “Let’s see what happens in the next three days and then Next week we will decide. We have all the countermeasures ready.” It is not inconceivable that one will pass through the current situation of early warning Warning.

However, the movements of the Russian operator significantly affect prices. On Thursday in the square in Amsterdam the gas rose to 148 Euros per MWh, a spike we haven’t seen since the beginning of March, shortly after the start of the invasion of Ukraine. It was opened on Friday morning at 120, but after contacts with Eni, it was opened Hop over 130 euros. No news from Brussels on price ceiling, To what extent European Council She reached a political agreement but asked the commission to check its feasibility. The roof has already been inserted into Spain and Portugalwhich Europe has admitted to a particular case of poor connectivity to the European gas pipeline network and has a good share of energy produced from renewable sources.

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