“Russian bullying methods are unacceptable”

tension in Baltic Sea. A Russian ship (corvette) twice penetrated Danish territory during the night in Bornholm, where the People’s Assembly is being held this year. It happened around 02:30 north of Kristianso off Bornholm. A few hours later, the same warship again crossed the border into Danish territory, also off the coast of the Christians.

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Russian ship in Denmark anger Copenhagen

The Danish Foreign Minister, Jeppe Kofod (south), described it as a scandalous and completely unacceptable Russian provocation, as well as a thuggish tactic in the midst of a meeting of peoples. The fact that this happened as Danes gathered for a demonstration for democracy adds further pressure to the provocation, says Kofod. Defense Minister Morten Podskov describes this blatant and deliberate provocation by Russia. Morten Podeskov adds that the naval and air forces are present and have “close cooperation with the rest of the Nordic countries”. Russian President Vladimir Putin may be angry that Sweden and Finland also want to join NATO.

Russian violations are repeating themselves

This is not the first time the Russian war machine has approached Bornholm. In June 2014, a Russian reconnaissance plane entered Danish airspace, where it remained for a few minutes before returning. As it happened during a general meeting on the island. In June last year, two Russian aircraft entered Danish airspace near Bornholm on the same day. In April of this year, another Russian aircraft penetrated Danish airspace near the island.

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