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Michael Hunziker Finally on vacation, obviously the sea. And with her two youngest daughters, Sol and Celeste. The Swiss broadcaster boasted The first bikini summer 2022 It is my place. The secret to getting a flawless, toned body at the age of 45 and after three births? Anti-cellulite cream, she makes herself, and you can also buy it online For less than 20 euros.

Michelle Hunzecker, the amazing bikini

Michelle Hunziker delighted fans with a series of shots, which she shared on her Instagram profile, disguised as the Little Mermaid in the Cervia salt flats. Pictures by author, Pierpaolo Ferreri, in a dreamy landscape. Like a dream is the bikini that a showgirl wears (look at the trendy models for Summer 2022). Michelle shows off two pieces full of color and grit: triangle bra In rainbow and yellow colours.

In the first photo, a standing Hunziker is looking directly into the lens. The second photo changes perspective, she is lying in the sand revealing her representative body. Finally, the pose from the back that stands out on the B side and someone in the comments remembers the famous ad that made her famous many years ago.

The presenter writes: “It must be something sacred in the salt … We find it in our tears and in the sea … Today I visited the magical salt flats of Cervia and its volunteers who keep it alive and carry on their story! Long live Romania always… ❤️ “and she is indeed a goddess. And it wasn’t long before the compliments from her followers called her “amazing.”

But how did he do that Michelle at the age of 45 To get such a perfect physique? We know Hunziker trains daily but also takes care of herself with specialty products that she makes herself.

Michel Hunziker, Anti-Cellulite Cream

In particular, there’s Goovi’s Cream, Shape Your Booty, which promises great against cellulite and orange peel blemishes. Shape Your Booty is a slimming and slimming cosmetic treatment that eliminates cellulite blemishes. Enhances skin firmness and reduces oily deposits.

The cream promises to make the skin firmer and smoother Reduce orange peel And the circumference of the body, especially the thighs and hips, and in favor of fluid drainage. Ingredients are 96% natural. Pink pepper and lotus extracts enhance the firmness of the skin, and pineapple and watermelon extracts promote the drainage of excess fluid.

It is recommended to apply it once or twice daily for at least 4 weeks on the affected area (buttocks, thighs, stomach) lengthwise until completely absorbed.

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