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From Maurizio Borro

He is best known for his interpretation of Il sorpasso by Dino Risi alongside Vittorio Gassman.

The French actor passed away at the age of 91 Jean Louis TrentinantA major figure in French cinema and theater. This was announced by his wife, Marianne Hopfner Trintinant. In his testimony to AFP, we read that Trentignan died peacefully, of old age, this morning, at his home in Gard (southern France), surrounded by his relatives. The funeral will be held in private. French President Emmanuel Macron was one of the first to comment on the death, welcoming the immense talent that accompanied our lives. His life was marked by many tragedies – including the death of his daughter Marie, also an actress, who was murdered in 2003 by her partner, singer Bertrand Cantat. Below is the memory of Maurizio Porro.

There are at least three options to remember Jean Louis Trentinant: When he was 32, he looked ten years younger than him, and Dino Risi took him all night, seeing a picture of him, to approach him in a spider overtaking Gassmann to play the shy student, victim of a butterfly; when at 67 lelouch gave him the romantic part par excellence in the full romantic par excellence, a man and a woman Also here often in the car (runner) next to Anouk Im, a universal process for determining the emotional giving of a couple (but the sequel will be a flop); When you are at 71 Bernardo Bertolucci He wanted him to be the great protagonist complianceR

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Where Marcello Clerici, a recruit in the fascist secret police, must kill one of his teachers in Paris of unimaginable mystery.

French actor He was born on December 11, 1930 in Point Saint Exprit de Gard in ProvenceIn fact, he went through many tragic moments in his personal life and other magical moments in a very fluid, very European, very rich career.

A classic Italian-French career, due to the many co-productions of the time (see Perrin, Delon, Belmondo): Indeed at 59, the great opportunity presented by Valerio Zurlini in violent summera long night of 43 in Riccione where he deeply loved Madame Rossi Drago under the bombs.

The greats were born with a passion for theater and poetry. He studied law and acting in Marseille and then in Paris, and is a huge fan of Reverts and Apollinaire, whose poetry would save his life after the death of his daughter.

He made his debut on stage in ’51 by patiently confronting the routines of the supporting actors, molding himself with precision, professionalism, culture and cultivating the appearance of a shy good boy, who is in fact the son of the industrial mayor of his hometown. The grandson of two famous car racers, Philip (died in an accident) and Maurice Trentinant.

Robert Hussain presents his first role in the theater in one of his comedies while in the cinema he is part of Broken Hearts. Brigitte Bardot in They like it Vadim, the singer’s husband: an intellectual, a nerd, but With BB true loveWho only finishes military service, he enlisted for two difficult years in the Algerian war.

After hell and after discharge you find moral virginity through translation in the theater villageAnd his obsession then comes the best Italian cinema, which offers him wonderful roles.

Here is the son of the great and famous pyramid chief in Zorlini butterflies With Gassmann at the wheel in the most dangerous cult of Italian comedy (voice by Paolo Ferrari).

Then comes Lelouch, the ideal of Jean-Louis: a crowning victory The Palme d’Or at Cannes and the Oscars.

He always comes back to Italy too to shoot an exotic western by Sergio Corbucci great silence Where he fought in frigid Utah, far from the arrogant writer Think of a night at dinner Written by Patroni Griffe and with the French intellectual titles of Romer (My Night with Maud) and Rob Grill (The Man Who Lies, Berlin Prize), The Power of Dialogue, The Equalizer of Words, Time.

matching movie of his life but He abandons the Ultimo tango proposal out of modesty and desperation.

It refers to the moving civilian Z from the Greek Costa Gavras, who won the Cannes Prizewith Jack DeRay (an acceptable sense of humility), then a gay doctor in Sunday woman By Comencini, a Turin Mystery, and Another Doctor Disillusioned with Life in Tatar desert By Zurlini, from Buzzati’s novel.

His characters are often quiet, subdued and quirky like a screenwriter terrace di Scola, while enjoying the latest yellow Truffaut with Ardant Sunday at last!. After a reclusive American film (Under the Gun by Spottiswoode), Italian Gianni Amelio again proposes him the heartbreaking role of the heart-wrenching terrorist father. In addition to 150 films as an actor, comedies and noir are often equal, but he was also a director of three mediocre titles, while having a stunning endgame.

Old Ji turns in 1994 red film with the teacher Kislovsky, part of a trilogy in which life and destiny are reconciled; Already elderly and ill, the husband, after a car accident, takes care of his wife in Haneke’s Amour, also unforgettable evidence of the actor’s own memories that surfaced. And in the year 17, the long farewell always with Austrian Haneke Happy ending.

Trentignant He was three times a father and three times a husband, the last with driver Marianne Hopfner and the first with Stefan Audran, the good actress of Chabrol and who will be the second husband; In the middle is Nadine Marcoin, the director who uses her husband Jean-Louis in all his non-intellectual films, right up to the climax of the tragedy that will forever mark him, touching on August 1, 2003 with The death of his beloved daughter Mariethe actress, who was murdered by fellow singer Bernard Cantat’s band Noir Desir, then on top of the wave: I died fifteen years ago To say he was already devoured by illness but still had the strength to recite the verses of Apollinaire on stage one evening, whom he saved with Shakespeare.

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