The American wrestling mogul is in trouble now –

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A $3 million deal between the man who turned a hobbyist cart into a billionaire company and an employee he had an affair with

See him in the ring in a suit and tie Glowing as he lowers his pants, screaming at the top of his lungs before my ass forcing an unfortunate dressed wrestler to bow, you wouldn’t say Vince McMahon is one of the most important managers in American sports, one of the smartest innovators in entertainment. the last fifty years. But through the infinite and childish vulgarity (his display and the traveling show he organizes) McMahon turns the semi-amateur wrestler inherited from his father into a billionaire business Who lives on rights, advertising, and pay-per-view in a world that, compared to other sports, is still very much non-digital and very analogue, is the world of millions (often unimagined) of freestyle wrestling fans among giants dressed in bizarre outfits and pretending to give them to themselves for no reason. In the circuit of some gyms. mcmahon state, Who started as a commentator on fights, to cast and turn into extremely wealthy celebrities Hulk Hogan, The Rock, John CenaStone Cold Steve Austin, Andre the Giant and many more.

modern wrestling -who directed stars able to transcend wrestling to get to Hollywood like Cena and The Rock -in fact created him: McMahon who, far from general dramas as a roving circus barker -the old American tradition of carnival barking -has put into practice a highly sophisticated management vision of by heir PT Barnum. But World Wrestling Entertainment is also a public company. Which forces directors to limit heavy scenes to the show and keep them away from the board of directors’ offices. instead of yesterday The Wall Street Journal It was revealed in a lengthy investigation that the World Wrestling Entertainment board of directors Investigating a secret $3 million deal That McMahon, CEO, paid a former employee with whom he allegedly had an affair.

There is a deal signed between McMahon and the womana special agreement signed in January, aims to prevent the former WWE employee from speaking out about her relationship with the CEO or making derogatory comments about her (at the moment there is no mention of harassment but of a consensual relationship, company sources said on Espn TV).

An email has been sent to the board of directors From WWE on March 30 reports that McMahon hired the 41-year-old woman for a salary of $100,000 a year, then doubled her salary after the alleged relationship began. A board investigation, led by law firm Simpson Thacher & Bartlett, began in April and found that other confidentiality agreements had been signed in recent years by former employees and McMahon, as well as with director John Laurenaitis. The enviable poetry (76 years old) Always blow dry and carefully painted, extra large and striped suits, shiny shoesFor now, McMahon is still in charge but his position is clearly creaking: with potentially negative consequences for WWE at least in the short term. The
Yesterday he cited the potential for McMahon’s loss by shareholders as a severe risk factor, a risk factor.

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