The controversy over his body / From the weight criticism to the final cover shots

For several years now Vanessa Incontrada come true Example of body positivityto the point of emphasizing on several occasions how important it is Accept your body and its imperfections, which we all have. In the past, the fact that she was bitter about the criticism she received because of her body, which was certainly different from what it was before she became a mother, did not hide the joy of To be able to carry Jesus in his arms Puts everything in the background.

Many have praised her It is the motto of how one can feel beautiful also because it is naturalUnlike many other colleagues who intermittently resort to plastic surgery. Despite everything, the controversy was only shown a few days before then A newspaper published a picture of her in a bikini on the cover To emphasize its circle in a negative way. At this juncture the moral support was very strong and she once again proved that she doesn’t consider gaining a few extra pounds a negative.

Vanessa Incontrada: Accepting one’s own flaws is possible

Isn’t her body perfect and she’s not quite as slender as many of her pals? Did not matter. At least that seems to be the answer Vanessa wanted to give to the criticism she hasn’t been lacking in recent days. truly Someone attacked her after she fired a bullet and she ran into itas if this wanted to prove that she lied until now and that she is completely unhappy with her body.

This time she was the one who posted a picture of her at sea with a smile that seemed really eloquent. “I wanted you, Bahr. Pesetos– he wrote. There was no shortage of positive comments from colleagues and friends who learned to appreciate it both on and off the site. Moreover, the simplicity It has always been one of her trademarks and has once again proven that she hasn’t lost her way.

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