The death of the great actor of “Il sorpasso” Jean-Louis Trintignant

A major figure in French cinema and theater, Jean Louis Trentinant His wife, Marianne Hopfner-Trentinant, told AFP, in a press release sent by her agent, that he died Friday at the age of 91. actor God..the creation of women And the the love His wife said he died “quietly, of old age, this morning, in his house, in the Gard, surrounded by his loved ones.”

Eclectic and elegant, endowed with an unsettling charm, one of the greatest stars of French cinema was Jean-Louis Trentinant, best known for the role of the shy lover of the protagonist. Et Dieu créa la femme (1956 .) They like it Italian title) from Roger Vadimthe movie that launched the tempting Brigitte Bardot internationally.

Trintignant, with over 120 roles interpreted in his career, manages to pass just as much power from the reserved and gullible young man alongside Vittorio Gasman de overtaking (1962) by Dino Reeseto a mysterious professor matching (1970) by Bernardo Bertoluccito the cynical ice killer Flick’s story (1975) by Jack Deray. The big hit came in 1996 with a man and a woman From Claude LelouchA film that made it into the history of world cinema.

From car racing to cinema

Born in Beaulink in the south of France on December 11, 1930 to an upper-class family (his father was an industrialist), he was the grandson of a famous Formula 1 driver, Maurice Trentinant And for a while he devoted himself to motor racing.

‘Happy Ending’, the French bourgeoisie seen by Haneke

Trintignant came to Paris in 1950 to study theater with her Charles Doolin. Three years later, he made his stage debut, playing the plays of Jean Racine and Molière. In 1955 he made his debut in the cinema and after a year of dedication alongside Pardo.

From military service in Algeria to “overtaking”

After a while away from cinema due to military service in Algeria, Trintignant returned to acting Vadim in dangerous relationships (1959), which was followed by a happy season divided between France and Italy, during which he participated in films such as violent summer (1959) by Valerio ZorliniAnd the overtaking by Risi e Success (1963) by Mauro Morasi.

In the drama Risi, Trintignat is a shy graduate student who casually meets a lusty young man who plays him Vittorio Gasman. He will be the one who will drag him to a tragic death during a day in August 1962, aboard a Lancia Aurelia B24. A role that allowed him to bring full maturity to the classification of the characters he played until then.

“The Match” restored with Bertolucci in the oven next to the American cinema

international success

with a man and a woman From Claude Lelouch, since 1966, and a huge international success, Trintignant has proven to be an ideal as a romantic and seductive hero. In the films of the second half of the sixties, the star showed his mysterious side in films such as fawn From Claude Chabrol And the the mother From Pasquale Vista CampanileBoth are from 1968.

experimental cinema

Appearance in experimental films directed by Rob Grirett How Trans-Europ-Express – Bare skin (1966) followed by comedy my night with mod (1969) by romer in which he plays a strict moral engineer and two political films, Z – Ritual of Power (1969) by Costa JavrasWhere he is an incorruptible judge and matching From Bertolucci (1970).

Overtaking car restored in Lizano

Comedy and detective stories

In the 1970s, Trintignant starred in both comedies and detective stories, such as Fuyu – Rogue (1970) by lelouchAnd the no motive (1971) by Philip LabroughAnd the Sunday woman (1975) by Luigi Comencini. Then he starred Sunday at last! (1983) the last directed movie tropho.

Author’s cinema

In the 80s and 90s of the last century, Trintignant worked mainly in author’s cinema: among other films Porch (1980) by Ettore ScolaAnd the sneaky on the heart (1982) by Gianni AmelioAnd the Randy Foo (1985) by Andre CheneyAnd the Merci la vie – Thanks for life (1991) from Bertrand Blair And the Three colors – red film (1994) from Krzysztof Kislowski. He continues to be a constant presence in French cinema, always side by side with the director and his friend Lelouch.

Last seen

His last appearance on the big screen dates back to 2019 Les plus belles années d’une vietogether Anouk Emmy and the manager Claude Lelouch. He also appeared in front of the camera at the 2021 Cesar concert.

Jean Louis Trentinant

Jean-Louis Trentinant (AFP)

Private life

Jean-Louis Trentinant married the actress for the first time in 1954 Stefan Udranwhich he divorced after two years. After the divorce and a short relationship with Brigitte Bardotmarried again in 1960 with Nadine MarquandShe is an actress, designer, and director, who divorced in 1976 and had three children, Mary, Pauline and Vincent. Pauline died in 1969 at the age of ten months from the so-called white death syndrome, while Mary, who along with her father had acted in twelve film and television productions, tragically died in 2003 at the hands of her partner. Bertrand CantatSinger Noir Desire. The actor married the pilot in 2000 Marianne Hopfner.

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