The risk of heart attack and stroke, but the source of the disease at home is always with us

A healthy lifestyle is the basis of health, stroke and heart attack are risks to be avoided, but the origin of the disease is at home. what is he talking about?

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A healthy lifestyle is the basis of health, stroke and heart attack are risks to be avoided, but the origin of the disease is at home. what is he talking about? One of the world’s leading causes of death is associated with Cardiovascular diseaseHe’s always silent and murderous. You have to follow the right habits and maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid getting into big problems.

However, it is not always easy to find time to relax, to cook healthy or to exercise. The rhythms of life today are crazy and compulsive and involve great stress, anxiety, fear and speed. It also causes you different types of addiction, such as cigarettes, alcohol and fatty foods containing sugars. You will never feel safe and risk your health.

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How to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke by starting at home

Risks of cardiovascular disease
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a proper nutrition It is essential to stay healthy and keep your cholesterol levels in balance. Foods rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins should be eaten daily. For this reason, it is better to prefer a vegetarian diet, while limiting meat and its derivatives.

Eat well, trying to keep me depressed cholesterol levelsIt is important not to deposit too much fat in the arteries, which clogs the blood vessels and causes heart attacks and strokes. A similar condition, referred to as hypercholesterolemia, is silent and fatal, with almost no symptoms.

But in addition to controlling blood cholesterol, it is essential to eat a healthy diet Doing physical activitySleep well and at the appropriate hours and rest when needed. Sleep is very important, it should be of quality and should last for the hours necessary to rejuvenate the body. Deficiency is leads to many diseases that affect health.

Screen addiction risks

Heart attack stroke TV addiction
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If you sleep too little, you suffer from a lack of energy, and a lack of energy consumes the body and can lead to cardiovascular disease. Finally, to reduce the risk of such dire consequences, simply look around your home.

In fact, the Veronesi Foundation published an article explaining that the risk of heart attack and stroke is closely related to:Excessive use of the device. what is he talking about? subordinate the television. Of course, the problem is not with the TV itself. Spending a lot of screen time is synonymous with a sedentary lifestyle, and is often accompanied by the consumption of unhealthy foods and drinks, so it can lead to significant health damage.

The Veronesi Foundation’s twelve-year study was conducted on more than one million patients. In addition to a genetic predisposition, the study highlighted the occurrence of lost time in front of the television. People who spend less than 4 hours a day watching TV reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease up to 6%. If you exceed these hours, your health risks increase, especially as you age.

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Less than three hours in front of the TV, the risk goes down by 16%, not a little. People who are accustomed to watching TV for many hours are at high risk, especially in the evening, with high levels of lipids and glucose. In short, even from this seemingly innocent act, there are many dangers. The advice is Do not stick too tightly to the screenNot spending long hours in front of the TV, and using free time in another way.

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