This purifying and thirst-quenching herbal tea is drunk cold, ideal in summer, which can eliminate abdominal swelling and water retention.

Herbal teas are usually associated with winter, colds and seasonal diseases. Imagine drinking a steaming cup of herbal tea in front of the fireplace or sitting in an armchair wrapped in a blanket. But herbal tea can be safely drunk even in summer. Just let it cool and put it in the fridge to turn it into a fresh, thirst quenching drink. As temperatures rise, our body needs more and more water. If drinking in winter is important, in summer it becomes even more important. A lot of fluid is lost through sweat and needs to be replenished through nutrition. The World Health Organization recommends drinking two liters of water per day. Herbal teas can help us reach this amount.

Drink with shrinkage effect

For a cold herbal tea, just keep it in the fridge. On the other hand, if we want to cool it down quickly, we can use another system. Pour lukewarm herbal tea into a shaker with the addition of ice and lemon or lime juice. At this point, just shake and the herbal tea is ready to drink. A fresh, thirst-quenching summer drink. How to choose the right herbal tea? If we want to get shrinkage effect, we can choose birch herbal tea. Birch leaves are known for their vitamin C content and effect on drainage. In fact, it stimulates diuresis and promotes the expulsion of fluid from the body.

This purifying and thirst-quenching herbal tea is drunk cold, ideal in summer, which can eliminate abdominal swelling and water retention.

Birch tea helps fight water retention, cellulite and fights orange peel formation. It also exerts a purifying action in the urinary tract. Herbal tea is prepared from 20 grams of birch leaves and a liter of boiling water. Leave to marinate for about 5 minutes, then filter and ready. Its only drawback is that it is somewhat bitter. A pleasant taste can be obtained by adding berries or lemon juice.

Another antiseptic herbal tea that has a detoxifying effect is artichoke. Here too the problem can be a slightly bitter taste which can be remedied by combining artichoke, fennel and mint to make a more pleasant flavored drink. Finally, to reduce flatulence in particular, we can choose fennel or mallow. This purifying and thirst quenching herbal tea can be drunk cold at any time of the day.

All herbal teas should be drunk without added sugar or other sweeteners to keep their properties intact. And to make it taste more pleasant, we can add lemon juice, lime or orange juice.

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