Tom Hanks Argues With Fans About Paying His Wife Rita Wilson –

The actor is considered one of the hottest stars in Hollywood, but on this occasion he has lost his patience with the crowd gathered outside a restaurant in Midtown, New York, and he must have just dined with his wife.

Generally polite and author, especially with fans who consider him one of the living Hollywood legends this time Tom Hanks Instead, he lost his temper, scolding the people who nearly kicked his wife, Rita Wilson, from a restaurant in New York. As we saw in the video you posted daily Mail
On the sidewalk outside the city center Where the couple just had dinner A decent crowd, seeing the 65-year-old actor and his wife arriving, immediately surrounded them, perhaps looking for a souvenir photo or autograph.


Amid the crowd, a fan bumped into Wilson, causing her to stagger. The actress screamed at the man stop! trying to restore balance. Hearing his wife’s frightened voice, Hanks immediately rushed to his aid and, after making sure she was okay, rushed toward the crowd. my wife? get back! Did you drop my wife?! , the Oscar winner shrieked before getting into the car with his cute half still shaken (and a little annoyed) by what happened, while a shy and embarrassed group left us regretting this Tom, for whose sake there was no response. Married for 34 years Hanks and Wilson have two children (Chit and Truman) and are considered one of the longest-lived couples in Hollywood. The actor’s unusual reaction comes in the wake of the release of a film dating back to last June 4, in which Hanks was seen struggling with a strong jolt in his right hand, during the premiere of the Australian film Elvis, where he was playing Elvis Presley’s manager.

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