Total Number of Epic Chapters Officially Unveiled by Square Enix –

This evening’s celebration aired for the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy 7. During the short event, Square Enix showed several trailers and one of them was dedicated to Final fantasy 7 rebirthor the second edition of the Cloud & Co. saga.. But in the middle of the announcement, it was also indicated that this is The second of three matches.

Until now we had no exact idea how many games would make up Final Fantasy 7’s saga Remake. Some might have assumed it would be a trilogy, but now we have confirmation. Of course, it’s still too early to tell anything about this third installment.

No name or public release date was mentioned. We only know that after Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth there will be another game that will close this project. You can see an image taken from the 25th Anniversary Celebration video below, which shows a file “Triple” Logos from Epic Remake: It is clear that the third is hidden.

Epic Emblems New Edition

If you want to watch the Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth trailer, you can find it here.

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