Twitter, Musk’s first meeting with employees: ‘I’m ready to fire’

“The company needs to recover,” Elon Musk told Twitter employees today, June 16, during his first meeting with them since he announced his desire to buy the social network. The Tesla boss, who appeared on the video link, answered a question about possible layoffs by announcing staff reduction – reports CNBC Because at the moment “costs exceed profits”. “Anyone who makes a significant contribution has nothing to fear,” Musk added. The American billionaire said, “If someone does useful things, that’s great. But other than that I wonder why he’s in this company.” Musk then stated that he plans to reach 1 billion daily active users, up from 229 million at the beginning of 2022.

Do I work remotely? Only if you are exceptional

During the meeting, employees asked the billionaire about various aspects of working on the social network and how it will change after the announced acquisition. Another aspect touched upon is remote working, which Musk recently expressed negatively in an internal email to Tesla. However, the case will not be submitted to Twitter: “Tesla produces machines, machines cannot be produced remotely.” The billionaire also added that if someone is exceptional at what they do, they can work remotely, despite the fact that he is fundamentally opposed to doing so.

Users should be free to say whatever they want

Musk also reiterated that Twitter users should be left free to say what they want, and that the social network does its job well “if right-wing extremists and left-wingers alike are unhappy”. The billionaire later stated that he is not interested in becoming the CEO of the company.


Elon Musk announced that he wants to buy Twitter on April 14, but negotiations have been stuck for weeks. The billionaire demanded that the company reveal how it calculated the number of fake accounts and spam (estimated at about 5 percent), but the social network reported that it was unable to disclose some details. Last June 8, the data was sent to the owner of Tesla. Twitter shareholders will vote on the acquisition in late August.

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