Ukraine: Putin’s speech to Spiyev postponed due to a cyber attack. Macron, there is no peace if the goal is to crush Russia – the world

1 hour gliding iRussian President Vladimir Putin’s speech at the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) “due to a cyber attack on the forum’s website, which disrupted the system for admission to the public meeting.” This was stated by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, as reported by Interfax.

French President Emmanuel Macron has declared that Ukraine will never have peace if the end goal of the conflict in the country is that “Crush Russia”. In an interview with French television Bfmtv, filmed by CNN, upon his return from Ukraine, Macron said he had heard that “the goal of this war is to crush Russia. And that’s where I say you’re wrong. If yes, then do it, and it won’t come true.” Peace is never negotiated.” Macron added that even Zelensky had no aim of crushing Russia. “President Zelensky is defending his land. And we want to help him do that. Sometimes we win the war and lose the peace.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin support position Written by French President Emmanuel Macron on the political-diplomatic solution in Ukraine. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Friday in an interview with Izvestia, TASS reported. “We value these qualities (by Emmanuel Macron) very much. Despite the fundamental differences, Macron has consistently followed this path, which even the president agrees,” Peskov said.

there humanitarian situation In eastern Ukraine, it is “extremely worrying” and continues to deteriorate. The United Nations confirms this. “Almost four months after the start of the war, the humanitarian situation across Ukraine, especially in eastern Donbass, has become extremely alarming and continues to rapidly deteriorate,” the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said in a statement. Unite for Humanitarian Affairs.

Some Ukrainian troops that hid in the factory Azot Severodonetsk They began to give up. This is supported by the pro-Russian Luhansk militia, TASS reported.

Ukraine and NATO respond to the Pope: Putin wanted war

third american, Veteran Marine Corps Grady Corbasi, disappeared in Ukraine. This was stated by officials in the US administration, citing CNN. The last time we heard about him was between April 23 and 24. Corbasi served for 20 years in the Marines and decided to volunteer in Ukraine.

Yesterday Draghi, Schulze and Macron’s mission to Kyiv To meet with Zelensky. Ukraine’s president is pushing to join the European Union. Draghi replies, “Ukraine has to choose the peace it wants” and adds that “Europe must now have the same courage that Zelensky had” even if, he admits, at the moment there is no place for peace. Macron and Schulze echoed his words: “France and Germany will never negotiate with Russia behind Ukraine,” which is “part of Europe.”

For Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, entering Kyiv violates the same criteria that the European Union has set for itself. He added, however, relations with Europe I am no longer a ‘priority’ Moscow.

Draghi: From Moscow, political use of gas is like wheat

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights had announced this since the beginning of the Russian invasion 4,481 civilians were killed. Instead the number of wounded reached 5565. Ukrinform writes it. According to the latest update, the victims include 1,739 men, 1,159 women, 119 girls and 125 boys, in addition to 40 children and 1,299 adults whose gender is still unknown. Most of the civilian deaths were victims of shelling, missiles and air strikes.

At least 10 private homes, a school and an apartment building were damaged Destroyed in the Kharkiv region. This was stated by Governor Oleh Sinihopov on Telegram, describing the attacks as “the war crimes of the Russian occupiers.” He added that “the fighting continues on the line of contact, and in the direction of Kharkiv the enemy tried to conduct reconnaissance by combat in the Kochobyivka region, but incurred losses and withdrew, and in the Izyum region the occupiers are trying to continue fighting. Attack in the direction of Slaviansk. Our defenders repel all enemy attacks “, the governor wrote on Telegram . Claims cannot be independently verified.

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