Unprecedented drought, now Uniacque does not rule out water rationing

Pierangelo Bertucci, managing director of Uniacque, director of the integrated water service in the province of Bergamo, has no doubts: “2016 was a critical year, for example, but we were far from that.” Even speaking with those who have worked at Uniacque for decades, “No one remembers a similar drought – he adds -. I also spoke to operators from other provinces or regions: they all have the same interest“.

We haven’t even gotten to rationing yet, but I don’t feel like saying we’ll never get there. If things go wrong, Bertucci said in an interview with Lecco di Bergamo, some isolated municipalities, with smaller springs, might approach this possibility. Recommendation: “Let’s start using the water well, let’s not use it to fill the pool in the garden and use it at the minimum wage for the gardens”.

Find out more about it on L’Eco di Bergamo on Saturday 18 June

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