Virtus Segafredo Bologna

Cordiner vote 7.5 Excellent in defense and this time also effective in attack. Two dunks and a constant presence in the match.
manion vote 6 – Minutes set in the first half.
Bellinelli vote 6.5 – In great difficulty until the beginning of the last quarter, then you light up and put very precious points to stay in the game first, to close later. It is turned on when needed.
Bagula vote 7 – Very valuable. Basket in the third quarter when Milan decline is equal to more than two points of regulation.
Alibegovic vote 6 – Minutes are useful to make Shengelia catch her breath, she does not take any particular initiatives.
where he’s coming vote 8 Dominate the first half offensively. In the second half he did not shoot, but continued to fight in defense and rebound. Closes with 17 + 13 and 8/8 of two, he enters the series by arrogance.
Shengelia vote 8 Frantic, but you don’t notice it. Do whatever it takes to win. Points, defense, rebounds, 5 assists and a great block at the end. Total player.
Hackett vote 7 – Direction, POIs also play in the later, a lot of defense.
Sampson vote 6.5 – Minutes of gravel and 5 points.
and touches vote 6 – Not a bad start either, with excellent defense on Shields, but after the technical bug of the tense stories with Grant it practically disappears. He’s the big absentee in this series so far.
Theodosic vote 7 Totally aloof, but 5 fans still help out and puts up a pretty heavy hat-trick in the last quarter. When needed, there.

Every mother Ettore MessinaA complex game, we put it to its feet and then had little clarity to make it win. The technician was decisive, obviously there were two weights and measures, our player said something that was not understood and took a technician, the player Virtus was able to insult the referee as he wanted. Virts deserved it, if we had won we wouldn’t have stolen anything, see you on Saturday.

Every mother Sergio Scarello Overall, a good game for several minutes, played well at times even with some slippage that drove our opponents forward a bit. Good participation from all players, 20 assists and good assists. Many of us live in difficult circumstances, and they hold their souls to their teeth and thank them for their efforts. I ask them to hold on a little longer. What will you do in Milan? Of course it will be more difficult, but remember that we are playing against a team that is among the best in the Euroleague. Let’s stay humble, with our feet on the ground, to remember where we started, and then let’s try to play our game against people who have played a lot of these games. Their experience is capable of punishing us at the first opportunity we will give. I don’t know what happened at the beginning of the last quarter, there is tension and there are many components, both technical and emotional: you have to be at a high level in everything, be able to control your emotions and make the right choices. We’ve got good clues from everyone and there are those who may have less experience performing certain defensive tasks, but the Shields were kept at 0/9 and so the work was done. More can still be done, but again, there are many components in these games.

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