Viva la… Is Gwyneth Paltrow’s new rocker inspired by ex Chris Martin?

“It’s small but powerful,” explained in the explanation of a video posted by Ghouinith baltrow. What is the actress talking about? New vibrator. Paltrow made us accustomed to sarcasm on her website Goop In fact, many fun gadgets are on sale (See what he gave his famous friends for Christmas). Suppression of sexuality, and especially of female sexuality, has been a tool of control for a long time. “I help women connect with their bodies and not be ashamed if they like sex,” Gwyneth said in the past.

poetic pleasure

Gwyneth Paltrow shows off her new fun tool
Gwyneth turns the new vibrator on and off

Let’s go back to the new product launch video created by Ghouinith baltrow. In the photos, you can see the singer in her California home, talking on the phone but annoyed by the background music: she fountain From Vivaldi. Gwyneth asks the home appliances to stop the broadcast but is told that no song is playing. It walks and searches and checks everywhere: Where does this heavenly voice come from? Then the lighting. A white box is placed on the table, inside is a green crescent-shaped sex toy. As soon as Paltrow touches it, the notes stop, indicating how well this instrument can convey perfect sensations. The 49-year-old has an almost chaste appearance, with a blue and white A-line dress, G label… the expressions on her face say it all.

Tribute to the former?

Gwyneth Paltrow with her men
In 2009 with Chris Martin

But the so-called vibrator Goop (95 euros)? long live faraj. The funny name sparked gossip instantly. How not to think about it Viva La VidaA very famous song we sang Chris Martin subordinate bad play? The musician had a long history with Ghouinith baltrowmother of his children Apple and Moses Martin. A reference to the good times gone by? A sexual greeting to an ex? Since 2018, the actress is married to a producer and director Brad FalchukBoth are happy. “I finally found Brad for marriage,” she confessed just a few days ago, referring to Brad PittShe has been engaged to her for more than twenty years. In short, there are a lot of men in Paltrow’s life, but in case of need, she still has sex toys.

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