YouTuber turns every enemy, boss and animal into Malenia and ends the game –

YouTuber Bushy recently shared a video showing a montage of his latest game in elden ring. privacy? through a modern Turn every enemy, boss and animal into MaliniaHe is the strongest opponent in the game.

The video obviously contains spoiler In the game: Not so much on the enemies, because all of those are Malenia, but more about the settings. The video is about an hour long so it’s not something you can see on the go, but it’s an interesting sight. It is clear that Elden Ring is not intended to include such a strong enemy in every one-on-one fight, so Bush had to adapt to the situation.

A YouTube user decided to start with an extension samurai, which has a katana capable of causing bleeding, a condition to which Malinia is prone. It also has a long bow that allows you to handle some situations from a distance. We specify in any case that the different Malenia that appear in the game are not as powerful as the normal boss, but they adapt to the enemy that replaces him. In any case, the strength of this enemy is determined not only by stats, but also by the combination of moves.

Tell us, would you like to try this kind of challenge, or do you usually prefer playing the regular version of a video game and stopping there? We also point out that a Survival Mod is available that adds hunger, thirst, disease and much more, created by the Dark Souls system.

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