3 natural and fruity remedies to avoid soothing this annoying skin disorder that gets worse with summer sweats

Sweating a lot in the summer can be annoying. And not just for a relational question, but also because already existing skin problems often get exacerbated.

Unfortunately, wearing light-colored clothes made of natural fabrics helps, but to a certain extent. The temperatures reached so far do not leave much room for the possibility of a cool and mild summer. Skin diseases of a chronic or recurrent course, especially if they are characterized by dermatitis and its exfoliation, tend to recur. And they often reappear in their bloodiest version, accompanied by an unpleasant itch. Needless to say, scratching yourself only makes the situation worse.

Fortunately, there are 3 natural and fruity remedies you should avoid to calm redness and restore relief. Indeed, those who develop this type of chronic skin disorder, which often arises in psychosomatics, should take specific measures. Once infected, psoriasis never leaves the individual. It fades and disappears, ready to return in periods of extreme stress and a low immune system. It is also associated with impaired bowel function. The combination of sweat and heat, in the summer, can make it really unbearable.

Psoriasis mostly affects the adult population of both sexes. A dermatologist makes the diagnosis with a simple visit, as it is a very common and recognizable disorder.

Folklore also links the onset of psoriasis more closely to the nights of the full moon, when the tides and energies are amplified.

Apart from that, reducing the symptoms of this disorder can be simple with the use of physical therapy. Oftentimes, in cases of relapse, it is dermatologists who suggest alternative treatments, natural remedies, and functional behaviors for you to adopt.

3 natural and fruity remedies to avoid soothing this annoying skin disorder that gets worse with summer sweats

Treatment of psoriasis should begin with nutrition. In fact, there are some harmful foods that tend to increase the rash. Nightshades, which are also banned in macrobiotics, are not recommended because they are considered irritants. So beware of tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant. Even aphrodisiac but allergenic foods such as strawberries, shellfish, squid and alcohol should be moderate.

Soft drinks, white flour and refined sugars should be avoided. These are acidified foods, which lead to an imbalance of pH in the body towards the acid value.

To counteract the excess acidity in the pH, which is responsible for the inflammation that is then reflected in psoriasis, basic treatments must be adopted. Of all the well-known ones, the most famous and most expensive is the classic glass of lukewarm water with lemon in the morning as soon as you wake up. There are likely to be specific citrate-based supplements on the market as well, with primary effects on pH.

Whichever option is chosen, it is necessary to perform these gestures while awake and fasting to enhance their effects.

It is important to deeply cleanse your body to reduce the appearance of new psoriasis. The organs to focus on are the colon and liver. For colon cleansing, it’s a good idea to get in the habit of doing some enema at home now and then. On the other hand, the regeneration of the liver is enough to get rid of alcohol and take herbal remedies. It is good to prefer taking artichokes and also herbal teas based on dandelion, horsetail, turmeric and nettle.

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