A new free game is available, it’s a terrifying RPG

While you wait to see if the bombshell Xbox partnership with Riot will lead to a massive increase in Xbox and PC Game Pass subscribers, Microsoft’s subscription service catalog continues to grow with New free game, RPG horror game Surprisingly available on Xbox and PC.

The new “surprise gift” that Redmond’s house is giving all Game Pass subscribers is Omori, a surreal horror RPG developed by independent software house OMOCAT inspired by the Japanese video game tradition of dark-colored interactive text stories.

The title introduces fans of the genre into a strange world full of hand-drawn characters and creatures in a fantasy childlike style. The purpose of our alter ego is Facing the subconscious phobia Explore the parallel dimension that would solidify his fears by representing them Distorted scenarios, scary monsters and distorted characters.

OMOCAT horror deals with sensitive topics such as depression and suicide to represent them in a context that includes some disturbing scenesHence the call of the developers themselves not to be “misled” by the graphics and recommending that the game be used for adults only.

Meanwhile, the community debate continues over Microsoft’s failure to announce the expected mid-month update to Xbox Game Pass video games at the end of June, despite the fact that several well-known titles are already about to enter the subscription service catalog, such as Total War Three Kingdoms and Naraka Bladepoint.

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