According to experts, this is the best mobile home in the world, and it costs the same as a subcontract

Sometimes you just need to ask yourself the right questions to get some answers. And above all, put them in the right people. For example, many of us, in recent weeks, decide which cart to use for the next summer vacation: It’s normal, because we’re in June. Well, there will also be many models, dozens of them, but to find out which one is really the best, just ask the campers.

A recent survey among those who use this method most often gave a very clear answer. The best camper van for your next vacation, in terms of value for money, is the Team Livingstone Roller.

The compact cart, also according to reviews made by specialized sites, is very comfortable, with a modern and functional interior. And you can get it, new, starting at only 45 thousand euros. Mobile homes with similar characteristics can cost up to 20 thousand euros more. That is why it is considered an excellent option.

Simon Porsche

The Livingstone 2 Sport Limited, in particular, is one of the most appreciated models by enthusiasts. Small size, but very spacious cabin thanks to the pull-out bed and even the second bed (for a total of 4 beds) thanks to the sunroof.

The kitchen is comfortable and easy to use and the front seats can be turned back to create a comfortable lounge area and all spaces are excellently designed with great attention to detail.

You can choose from different colors, and even in the interior you can customize your model so that it perfectly matches what we need. But the essence is above all the relationship between quality and price. From this point of view, we’re really talking about an unbeatable wagon.

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