Ada Wong played by another actress? Check Name –

Resident Evil 4 Remake MaybeAnother actress to explain Ada WongIn terms of performance in motion capture and dubbing: According to popular YouTuber Dan Allen Gaming, it will be Lily Gao, who can make character changes to the character we saw earlier.

In Resident Evil 2, Julian Anderson played the seductive special agent of Asian descent, with regards to the action capture and voice acting in the second chapter remake, but the actress in question previously stated, via Twitter, that she is not. Part produced by Resident Evil 4 Remake.

We don’t know how reliable Dan Allen Gaming is regarding this specific information, but in a recent video, a YouTuber reported with some certainty that the new actress called up to play Ada Wong is Lily Zhao.

Lili Zhao, actress photo

This is undoubtedly a great choice, but the question is whether this change is intended to make changes to the appearance of the character in the game as well.

Given that modeling Ada Wong’s face was still quite free on Capcom’s side, compared to Anderson’s, it’s likely that the character in Resident Evil 4 will remain similar to that seen in Resident Evil 2, with the obvious change in human voice And perhaps from some movements that can not be easily perceived.

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