Alopecia, the medicine that guarantees a miracle in a few weeks

Alopecia is a curse for those who suffer from it, especially if there are also women in this field. Here comes the regrowth drug.

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People with baldness suffer. The disease can occur at any age. It is not uncommon to see young boys with hints of teenage thinness. A real nightmare for those who spend these moments.

He suffers a lot from it. Usually, those who have a balding relative have an almost certain chance of becoming one over time. It’s a real torture to see your hair fall out every day until it’s completely gone.

Pathology can also affect women, even if it is minimal. A real sword strike for those who are no longer able to show off their thick hair as before. Women rely heavily on their hair as a weapon of beauty.

Alopecia, from the USA, a treatment that gives an amazing result

Alopecia areata is a true autoimmune disease. It is manifested by the immune system attacking the hair bulb and hair. In fact, not only the head, but also other parts of the body are affected by the disease.

There’s big news coming from the American Dream and it seems to be working, too. The US Food and Drug Administration has reportedly approved the oral drug baricitinib Produced by Eli Lilly. The results appear to be encouraging.

In practice, the pharmaceutical product regrows the hair of those who suffer from alopecia. So there are good hopes for whoever, like the beautiful wife of Will Smith for example, can find herself with her hair again.

At the recent Oscars edition, Jada Pinkett easily showed off her bald skull. The well-known actress has never hidden the problem affecting her for quite some time. However, he chose to show the truth.

He may soon rejoice in the use of the new drug that promises a miracle Il baricitinib It’s actually a drug Eli Lilly made for rheumatoid arthritis. It has also been used to treat patients with alopecia areata.

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According to the data they saw 1200 patients with acute alopecia areataTry the medicine, the medicine has done its job. After 36 weeks, 80% of people had their hair back.

Even the eyelashes and eyebrows grew back. It’s worth trying to believe.

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