Anna Moroni ready to bid farewell to her career? The message that scares the masses

Is Anna Moroni really ready to bid farewell to her career in the social sphere and in front of the TV cameras? The fan was disturbed by a message the chef recently posted on her Instagram page.

2022 was a very significant year for Anna Moroni who aired during the spring with a new and exclusive program alongside her. Lydia BastiancheShow titled I feel hungry! Grandma takes care of him. The success is really overwhelming for each of the chefs who occupied a very important segment of the audience.

Anna Moroni’s Farewell Message – RecipeSprint

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Anyway, we find a message taking center stage in the world Anna Moroni He shared on his Instagram page and it immediately raised the concerns of fans. here because.

Is Anna Moroni going to bid farewell to the theater?

This is the question that fans have been asking for a long time now Anna Moroni She is thrown because the chef is no longer showing herself in front of the cameras as in the past, even if the 2021/2022 TV season continues, the chef is back in a leadership role along with Lydia Bastianche.

Recently, Anna Moroni published a post on her Instagram page that impressed fans, given that for many of them it will be an anticipation of a possible farewell to the viewer and a withdrawal from the world of television, as well as from the world of social networks.

Anna Moroni's Farewell Message - RecipeSprint
Anna Moroni’s Farewell Message – RecipeSprint

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The message that runs the web

As we explained earlier, therefore, to maintain a bench in the world of the web We found a post that Anna Moroni shared on her Instagraminevitably unleashed on fans who initially feared it was a goodbye message.

In fact, after a year of hard work Anna Moroni She decided to give herself time for her family by taking a break from the spotlight and touring Italy as she usually does. The chef herself explained everything in detail, and also shared with her fans the next step of the journey that began during Julio’s early days and that seemed full of great emotions.

Anna Moroni's Farewell Message - RecipeSprint
Anna Moroni’s Farewell Message – RecipeSprint

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