Another Chinese brand arrives in Europe: the opening of the first Fuya store, delivery by the end of the year

If you haven’t heard of it before voyaDo not be surprised. It is a brand recently created by the Chinese Dongfeng Motor, to pursue the desire to land in Europe. And just what happens with Opening of the first showroom in Osloin Norway.

So the northern country is once again a Trojan horse to enter the old continent, thanks to the importance of electric cars in Norway. The opening of the store, located in the center of Oslo, coincides with Launch Voyah Free, electric SUVs have already been sold in China, where they are positioned in a rather high market segment. In fact, it costs the equivalent of 47,400 euros, with a maximum of 53,000 euros.

We don’t know yet if prices will be similar in Norway, but in a few weeks, between July and August, interested customers will be able to take their first local test drive. Later I ordered cars It will be delivered during the last quarter of 2022.


Let’s talk about a 4.9 meters long SUVwith an output of 255 kW, and 88 kWh batteryThis is in the basic version. Instead, the twin-motor model goes up to 510 kW, with autonomy dropping to 475 kilometers versus 505 kilometers From the single engine version. It is curious that in China there is also the variant with only 33 kWh of battery, powered by a 1.5 liter gasoline extender, with a total of 860 km.


The landing in Europe was announced last February, and within a few months, it had already come true. Fuya already made it clear Norway is the first step into the European market, without specifying which countries will be affected next. This is another Chinese brand that is entering Europe in one way or another. There are already NIO, Xpeng, BYD or other disguised companies, such as SAIC, that are exploiting the MG brand.

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