Anti-hair loss drug: From today it became a reality, green light from the Food and Drug Administration

Finally, the drug against hair loss has become a reality, and in the last few hours the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given the green light, as it is being used for hair regrowth.

It seemed like a distant process, yet science is accelerating day by day and in the last few hours, news has arrived that it will surely change the lives of many people who may be facing the problem with real unease. Even Jada Pinkett Smith, wife of Oscar-winning actor Will Smith, has admitted many times that she has her own problem now that is there for all to see in a very tragic way.

However, as the press has reported in the past few hours, It has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration or the Food and Drug Administration As for the specific drug for these patients even if it is with everything, you should always have time to see how it develops.

But let’s get to the heart of it and try to understand well what it is and how we got to this point, the path was definitely not easy.

Alopecia medicine, and here are its benefits

Medication against hair loss This time it became a reality, after the studies that were conducted, it was the Food and Drug Administration that approved the sale exclusively to people with this problem.

However, according to the press, the form of alopecia for which the US Food and Drug Administration approved this new drug is not yet completely clear, it seems that although The problem affects about 2% of the population including children, It seems that the reasons are not yet known. The only certainty is that it is an autoimmune disease where: “Lymphocytes, cells of the immune system, recognize hair follicles as foreign and attack them.”

In any case, the promises seem to be the best, according to the studies conducted in fact, the difference between the before and after seems to be appropriate, in a few years we go from completely bald to thicker hair.

The oral drug is Baricitinib, which is manufactured by Eli Lilly of America: “We know that there is a kind of intimacy among those who suffer from it and that, in some cases, it can manifest itself in particularly stressful moments in life.” Recognized dermatologist Marcella Ribovo, President of LILT Rome.
At present, the drug in question has been tested in two studies involving 1,200 patients with acute alopecia areata.

(The information provided here relates to scientific studies published in medical journals, and should not replace the advice of a physician or specialist, nor should it be taken into account when formulating treatments or a diagnosis.)

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