China claims to have found radio signals from extraterrestrials, but is this true?

The first two suspicious signals were found in 2020 when analyzing data from the previous year, and the last arrived in 2022, looking at data from exoplanets.

Sky Eye has spotted alien narrow-band radio waves, the world’s largest and most sensitive radio telescope with a 500-meter aperture. The study is led by Zhang Tongjie, a scientist in the Department of Astronomy at Peking University, who explained that it will take some time to understand the origin of this data and determine the possibility that it is artificial.

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Berkeley University is also collaborating on this research, which, together with Chinese colleagues, is determined not to miss the possibility of picking up signals from some alien civilizations.

There is currently no evidence that these are abnormal signals and so far we have not found any traces of space communication in our history. Are we destined to continue to exist on our own or sooner or later someone will reach us, from very far away, with a message?

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