‘Documented Health Problems’: Beyond Giorgino’s ‘Goodbye’

The matter is evaluated by lawyers“. Francesco Giorgino Don’t get balanced and avoid comments. Turned away from the Tg1 guide at 20, the journalist hid behind an almost enforced silence. However, of course, he will have a lot to say on the issue. “I am not authorized to talk about the company’s bylaws‘, cut short the face of Rai1 news, which the audience gave it last June 15 with a salute more like a farewell. Yes, because, along with colleagues Laura Chimenti and Emma D’Aquino, the presenter has in fact moved from the prestigious evening edition of the news to 13:30 flyer: Verdict There was no shortage of controversial findings, and now, my knowledge.

According to some rebuilding, the change requested by Tg1 director, Monica Magini, was to come after the three hackers refused to do a morning press review at 6.30 in turn. One spoke of a minor renovation in the title, while others spoke of a more drastic one.punishment“To these journalists. But, precisely, the case of Francesco Giorgeno will be the most sensitive. According to what Adnkronos has learned and reports, in fact, it appears that the journalist – already months before the press review was given at 6.30 – had asked not to be overloaded with dawn shifts. for Health reasonsCertified by medical certificates. Moreover, as the deputy director of the newspaper, the announcer was already working in shifts. However, his needs would not be listened to.

As far as Adnkronos has learned, the deletion from the 8 p.m. issue was to have been reported to a Tg1 journalist on June 15, about an hour after the broadcast, despite there being Medical records The above-mentioned. That same evening, at the end of the news program he led, the announcer was to pronounce that peculiar closing salute (“Bye everyone…‘), which later became an issue that many immediately interpreted as Farewell for the general public. Now, given the background that has emerged, for the detective journalist, the story does not seem to be over at all. It seems, in fact, there will be Legal Consequences.

Giorgeno himself allowed his understanding, which at the moment does not make statements on the case and is limited to talking about the ongoing assessments by his lawyer. Meanwhile, while the Saxa Rubra is blowing away in a storm, the changes required by the director Monica Magoni They have become effective. Last night, June 16, Tg1 at 20 was hosted by Alessio Zucchini, who on the same day also led the morning press review.

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