Dragon’s Dogma 2: What to expect from this long-awaited sequel after the official announcement.

Itsuno has finally confirmed Dragon’s Dogma II: Today we’re trying to explain why the series deserves more attention and what we can expect from Chapter Two.

After the Capcom Showcase Theater, we almost gave up hope. Everyone expects it Hideaki Itsuno, one of the Japanese house’s most prolific and skilled directors, was going to show up during the event to present the rumored sequel to Dragon’s Dogma, so when he really peeked, the hype quickly rose. Instead, the kind that greeted Itsuno announced that there would be a ceremonial video and then walked away as if nothing had happened, leaving room for other games.

The same festive video from tonight made us lose hope: until the last minute it actually seemed like a small documentary about the production of the first Dragon Dogma, however, it was very careful to leave out some of the more exciting information about that game’s saga (the difficulties in completing it were numerous and led to significant cutbacks in content during production).

In a moment of human pity, Etsuno and his collaborators (including Daigo Ikino, an exceptional artist and one of gaming’s most influential artists), have given up, confirming the development of Dragon’s Dogma II with a trio of new T-shirts. The game is there, the leaks were real, and fans of the original game can finally sleep peacefully.

Nothing too bad came with the ad: zero trailers and zero artwork, with a beautiful outline of absolute emptiness. Therefore, today we are trying to restore the earth by explaining it to you What to expect from this highly anticipated sequel to Dragon’s Dogma 2. And maybe, why not, we’ll even try to make predictions, based on some realistic rumors about game development.

RPG made by action artists

Dragon Dogma: The first game had many flaws, but the combat was a bomb

As mentioned earlier, Dragon’s Dogma was a turbulent project, born in a turbulent period of management. Capcom. The ambitions of Itsuno and his team were brilliant, and many of the game’s original ideas did not find their way into a production whose timing and resources were not enough to fully achieve what the developers wanted to create.

However, either because of the experience of the people involved, or because of the excellent basic ideas of the project, this strange idea Action RPG It has become such a small sect, that it deserves a big DLC ​​called Dark Arisen and is considered today among the most underrated games by a good number of fans. The main reason? Well, Dragon’s Dogma was a true open-world RPG, with an impressive combat system, a large variety of classes and abilities, and a more inspiring narrative than the in-game management might suggest. These qualities are so remarkable that they partially mask the noticeable flaws of the “vanilla” version.

And the flaws were already there:exploration He suffers from a lack of fast travel and excursions, boring side quests (the worst ever) and the world has created a bit of a “rush” to support the idea of ​​an “amazing fantasy adventure” that Itsuno and his gang had in mind. Perhaps precisely for this reason, with the expansion called Dark Arisen, the team decided to focus on the more successful aspects, introducing a large dungeon based on spectacular boss battles and more challenging encounters, to leave aside the open concept structure. initial.

The final result? So far a game much loved by speed racers and fans of the minmaxing class and amazing combat, which still provides a good lesson for most advocates of the genre in various aspects, introducing no less interesting concepts such as pawns and climbing. Monsters in battle. If the Japanese house had not had all these problems at the time, we might have found a masterpiece.

Dragon's Dogma: Pawn is a great system, but it can be developed in many ways

Dragon’s Dogma: Pawn is a great system, but it can be developed in many ways

However, Capcom today is an entirely different reality, and given its recent feats, it looks increasingly closer to its old glories. So now we have a project headed up by some of the most famous names out there, with undoubtedly more time and resources and a myriad of ideas in the cauldron (Itsuno is rumored to have been considering a sequel to Dragon’s Dogma long before Devil May Cry 5 was developed, to say). The potential is therefore enormous, and it is worthwhile to seriously analyze the potential developments that could be implemented in this chapter.

What do you expect from the next

Dragon Dogma: In the ancestor it was really dark.  Who knows if weather conditions no longer matter

Dragon Dogma: In the ancestor it was really dark. Who knows if weather conditions no longer matter

The first system to be dealt with is undoubtedly a system pawns. These customizable minions represented the game’s “asynchronous multiplayer” where other players could be downloaded, and were a great help overall, to the point where they also give advice on what to do while researching and exploring (they had a tutorial system linked to these).

However, at the same time, the pawns were a good idea that was not exploited to the fullest extent like many others in the game: they could not be controlled in order tocollaborative experienceNor do they interact with them in certain ways other than using a particular “chair” through which their behavioral tendencies can be regulated in some way. In a sequel to that, we’d like to see a serf related to them: What better character to help your friend, after all, than a server you’ve created that can be easily downloaded online? If you take some real leaks that appeared on the net some time ago (after the game appeared on the famous “GeForce List”), it seems that this time there will be a possibility Definitely a sacrifice One of your pawns and cursed for great advantages (this obviously guarantees a very powerful weapon), but doing so at the same time makes him a permanent opponent, ready to attack you every time you make a mistake to summon other minions. It’s hard to say how realistic these sounds are, but they will undoubtedly be a misrepresentation of the innovative formula, and we’d like to understand how they can be linked creatively to the narrative, or exploited as we progress. Finally, more complex and detailed managementArtificial intelligence We wouldn’t mind at all from our comrades, despite the fact that the base game was already noticeably more advanced than the average genre.

Dragon Dogma: More Balance Wouldn't Hurt, But We Still Want Diverse And Amazing Classes Like In The Past

Dragon Dogma: More Balance Wouldn’t Hurt, But We Still Want Diverse And Amazing Classes Like In The Past

Another element to improve? The complexity of navigation and map. More exploration bonuses, first of all, and not just a quick fight with different enemies. Having the mounts would also be a blessing, as well as a smarter handling of fast travel. In Dragon’s Dogma, this last aspect is partially resolved by a larger number of Dark Arisen teleportation crystals and a special reusable gem, but here it would be nice to see something more exotic and unique in action. Always going back to the rumors, it seems that Dragon’s Dogma 2’s fast-travel “stations” will be more useful and numerous, but they will be real flights with a map visible from above, and possible ambushes can be encountered. An interesting choice, which would again indicate a certain focus on clashes as it roams around the map and will be handled well so as not to get boring quickly.

Here, of course, in addition to the things we want to see added, there is something that should go away: escort missions. It was boring and too many in the original (albeit mostly optional), and it wasn’t a gimmick at all. The more detailed and interesting of the secondary tasks seen in the predecessor are a practical necessity.

As for the rest of the potential developments, there are countless: a class system Less “forced” in stats and yet equipped with the greatest variety would already be a blessing, at the same time we would also like to see differences in atmospheric conditions during exploration, give more importance to camps, dungeons and inhabited centers, perhaps reviving the Dark Arisen structure calculated as content game over. Working on these items can completely eliminate structural flaws seen in the past and form a non-stop action RPG enhanced with exceptional combat.

One of the few images related to Dragon's Dogma 2

One of the few images related to Dragon’s Dogma 2

Here, while we are talking about fighting, from our side we would also like to see Climbing mechanics Exploited to take down enemies larger than the old bosses: gigantic clashes against foes as big as mountains, where climbing is key (rarely, of course so as not to spoil the stunning spectacle for all with excessive repetition).

As a basis, it appears to be enough of a sequel able to beat the core game in all respects, but given the names involved, we don’t think Capcom needs any special advice. Anyone who played the first Dragon’s Dogma game knows how amazing a well-made and well-supported sequel can be.

It’s a serious matter of trust and patience.

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