Expensive fuels: a proposal to cap the price and extend the reduction in tax fees

There seems to be good news regarding the now-expensive chronic fuel. It appears that the national government is considering a further extension of the fuel tariff cutWith the aim of issuing a decree-law on this subject. The goal will be to further reduce government taxes on petrol, diesel and LPG in accordance with a cut that is also being made to costs related to electricity and gas bills. So far, the deadline for the production fee reduction applied so far has been set for next July 8; So it is understandable that in terms of timing we are within a rather narrow range.

The Undersecretary for Economics intervened to mention the start of work on extending the reduction in tax fees, Maria Cecilia Guerrawho speaks to future He admitted that the national government was “already working on a new intervention”.

However, it must be said that today the expensive fuel seems to have assumed a similar composition to an out-of-control event. A condition that can be (hopefully) permanent. revised by the government, which aims to set a maximum price ceiling at the pump for both petrol, diesel and even LPG; This is in accordance with the extension of the reduction in production fees.

Suggesting a maximum price for expensive fuel

There is a potentially interesting proposal to put an end to the current chronic phenomenon of expensive fuels. In fact, the proposal made by some Democratic Party deputies is considering it Enter a real maximum price to be applied to the pumpat least for an initial period of two months.

On the other hand, the mixed group proposes to increase the time period for insisting on reducing tariffs on gasoline and diesel, and to raise the limit to another two months: that is, until next September 8. The state will undertake this measure through a small “treasury” of 5 billion euros in the proceeds of additional profits.

while Both gasoline and diesel have exceeded the psychological limit of 2 euros per liter fuel delivery. The Observatory of the Ministry of Economic Development says that the price of a liter of gasoline today, in the autonomous mode, is in the range of 2.069 euros per liter (on average) or 2.006 euros per liter in the case of diesels (always consider the average value). If we go to the service, gasoline is paid on average 2.195 euros per liter or 2.139 euros per liter for diesel (always on average). Meanwhile, in the case of Brent oil (the reference for Europe), the price of oil is around $120 per barrel.

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