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Poste Italiane enters the gas and electricity sector. The company is starting with an offering dedicated to employees and retirees, in light of a market debut expected in the fall. The goal is to reach 1.5 million customers by 2025. We started with the intention of dedicating the first part of the launch to employees and retirees with an upgrade to celebrate the company’s 160th anniversary, the director explained. PostePay rep, Marco Siracano, speaking at TgPoste. He added that Poste Italiane’s entry into the energy market is part of a growth strategy that increasingly sees the company as a platform at the service of citizens and the state system.

What is included in the promotion

The promotion for employees and retirees of the group is called Energia 160 and offers a discount for the first year of up to 160 euros if you stick to the electricity and gas offer or 80 euros if you sign up for only one subscription. Offer and up to €50 from the second year onwards. We will offer a unique offer of electricity and gas through a network of 12,800 post offices and digital channels at a fixed rate for 24 months – explained Siracusano -. Following the values ​​of Poste Italiane, our solution is so predictable and transparent that it will be possible to stick to the fixed rate knowing in advance how much you will pay each month. Then sustainable, 100% green in the light and 100% offset in terms of CO2 emissions of the gas.

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