Formula 1, a penalty kick for Ferrari Leclerc in Canada

Cavallino announced that it has installed the third electronic unit on the power unit, as opposed to the 2 required by regulation. It does not rule out the use of another power unit starting from the bottom

– Montreal, Canada)

Finally the scary news arrived: Charles Leclerc will suffer a penalty on the starting grid at the Canadian Grand Prix. Ferrari announced this morning that it has installed a third heat-absorbing unit in the Monaco after the failure in Baku, the new MGU-K and H, the new ECU. This would not have resulted in the Ferrari driver being penalized, as they are all cut within the regulatory limit.

The punishment

The penalty would have been applied if Leclerc installed the fourth turbo. But after the free practice session in Montreal, Ferrari announced that it had installed a new console, thus bringing the number of installed consoles to 3, versus 2 seasonal ones: so today Leclerc will have to start with at least 10 penalty spots on the grid. It does not exclude the use of another power unit, starting from the bottom.

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