From June 30, Attention, credit card required, fine of €30

From June 30, everything has changed for Italians’ spending as the government is fighting its real battle against cash.

Let’s see what changes for Italians shopping in the supermarket and in the store With the end of June.

ANSA / Tino Romano

The government wants to discourage the use of cash as much as possible and it always pays off Much more difficult and annoying to use this type of payment.

What changes on cash

First of all, limit cash payments From 2,000 euros next year it will drop to 1,000 euros.


This means that if you pay cash this year from 2,000 euros and above, you risk paying a large fine, but from next year Just pay 1000 Euro in cash to have the same penalties. But there are also limits to the money you can have for yourself or at home. In fact, finding a home with a lot of money or having a lot of money in it will result in checks and possibly penalties. But the real government pressure comes from in-store and supermarket purchases.

Change everything when you go out

It is one of the most natural gestures in the life of any citizen. Buying something in the supermarket or in any other store is a gesture that Italians do all the time So the government is focusing on this usual and routine gesture to fight criticism. And it all starts on June 30th. In fact From June 30th when shopping is done Or if you buy something from any store, the merchant will no longer be able to claim for cash payment.

Punishment arrives

This changes everything in commerce because even today it is the customer who has requested payment by card and debit card can be said no And that he would have had to pay in cash, from June 30th that would not be the case. Actually from June 30 If the merchant responds in the negative to the customer requesting card and debit card payment A fine of 30 euros. Moreover, 30 euros is a plus Based on the amount spent. So the government with these moves is making it increasingly difficult to use the cash. The goal is the gradual disappearance of criticism In favor of traceable payment methods. Only in this way will it be possible to make life difficult for those who do tax evasion or money laundering.

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