Genoveva opens the office of Aurelio and …

Genoveva and Aurelio / One Life

Genoveva and Aurelio / One Life

Casilda arrives at Valeria’s house to clean it up and the woman discovers that the initiative was designed by David to forgive her after the quarrel.

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Aurelio tells Valeria that he rented an excellent piano to perform.

An increasingly suspicious Genoveva arrives to steal keys from Aurelio’s office, and there she finds letters to Rodrigo that were never sent.

Lolita thinks Dory can be the right person to help Felipe. But the lawyer immediately treats the newcomer in an angry manner.

Liberto explains to Rosina and Hortensia that in order to address the restructuring, it will be necessary to tap into the family’s savings and tighten the belt even more.

Guillermo asks Azucena for a date, but in response she tells him that she already has a boyfriend.

Pelita and José Miguel realize that Alodia is sad and bored, because Ignacio does not consider her.

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