Greetings to Internet Explorer, a browser for downloading other browsers

Few days have passed since then Official discontinuation of Internet Explorerthe first browser developed by Microsoft which for many years was the most popular and used worldwide. From June 15 Internet Explorer no longer works on some versions of Windows, while for others it will be disabled over the next few weeks thanks to an operating system update.

There are many alternativesstarting with staying in Microsoft with Edge which has long since replaced Internet Explorer by those who don’t want to use other alternative browsers.

In South Korea, according to Reuters reports, something like this quickly spread viral An estimate for Internet Explorer developed by a local programmer They often struggle, in bringing business to customers, with the improvements required for their web page code to be specifically compatible with Explorer.

He had a memorial stone set up for Internet Explorer, the browser being remembered as “Good tool for downloading other browsers”: A sentence that hides in its ironies a great deal of truth, remember how Internet Explorer was the default browser in Windows and in fact a mandatory step to be able to download another browser to use every day.

Thinking about the 27 years of Internet Explorer, and remembering how many times it’s been opened to download another alternative browser, one can’t help but say goodbye to the most classic RIPs

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